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20 Oct 2011

Thankful Post- Princess

Monday- OCt 17 was Princess' 2nd birthday. She had a wonderful day, I believe. I just want to thank God for her life. She amazes me every single day. She is becoming her own person. Before you know it she will be off to college. sigh

My prayer as a mother for her include:

-She will know Christ as her personal Lord and Saviour at an early age.

-God will continue to protect her against any harm in any shape or form. As the mountain surrounds Jerusalem so shall the Lord surround her always. The devil will have no hold over her life

 -As she grows older, God will give her wisdom to choose her friends wisely. She will have a spirit of discernment of people's true character. She will know the difference between right & wrong and choose the right way.

-She will stay pure- in mind and in body. She will be a woman of virtue.

-She will not wander into cheating, stealing or lying. If she does, she will be caught and will learn from it.

- In school, she shall be the best. She will be sociable, she will be the head and not the tail

-When it is time for her to choose a spouse, she will choose a MAN (not a woman) from a godly home, the bone of her bone. A man with an appetite for spirtual truth. A man who fears God. They will both have similar goals and purposes in life.

- She will fufill the destiny and purpose for which she was brought into this world for.

I pray for myself that God will give me the grace to be the best mother to her, to live by example and be her role model.

What are you thankful for?


  1. Amen and Amen. As a self appointed godmother I am proud of my amazing baby too!

    Some of your prayer points cracked me up... but I will leave you to guess which... sometimes you sound like your own mum (in my head)

  2. AMEN to all your prayers for her! And you'll be the best mother to her, dont even doubt that!

  3. Aaww...she reminds me soo much of my little Timi.

    Timi is also getting to know the Lord right from her little age of two. She's learning to pray in baby language and can say halleluyah and

    May God fulfil every word of prophecy you have rained on little Princess!

  4. @tyger- lol. i know the prayer points that cracked you up. naughty aunty :D. Your baby loves you too!

    @rethots- why are u smiling o :)

    @Hazel- aww thanks for the vote of confidence :)

    @afronuts- bros!!! long time. Yes o Princess says Amen and Halleluyah as well. Ain't they cute.

    Amen and amenn!

  5. happy belated buffday darlyn princess...hugs n kisses :)

  6. Amen! Amen! Amen! to all your prayers.
    Please send her her love and hugs.

  7. Happy Birthday to Princess - I know it's belated :), but better late than not at all eh?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, as you see, I just keep sneaking in and sneaking out...hehehe!

    I'm not sure when, but very soon, I'll be back!

    Much love.

  8. Oh this is a beautiful post. I said Amen to these items as I read them...may God give you, Baale, and Princess even more than these things you have written down. Happy (belated) Birthday, Princess!

  9. Hugs and kisses to Princess!

    Amen to each prayer point.

    Stay blessed!

  10. says Amen and smiles.
    Love this.

  11. @jhazmyn- thanks girl

    @olufunke- will do... :)

    @Enkay- ok o, we are waiting for u to come back to us :)

    @GNG- aww thanks girl...amen!

    @Dee- You too dear, stay blessed!

    @Lara- smiling too. thanks :)

  12. congrats Aloted and happy belated birthday to the princess,

    May she always bring you and your hubby happiness and be a good ambassador of the kingdom of heaven

  13. Praying your child knows Christ and leading her that way is one of the best gifts you can give her and lol @ "she will choose a MAN (not a woman)" this had me cracking up. Bless your heart and may God take care of you both

  14. The Lord bless her and keep her and cause His face to shine upon her.

  15. Awww,cant wait to have a daughter who i can pray for like this... Amen to all the prayer points

  16. @doll- thanks girl...amen and amen!!!

    @dosh- thanks girl:) yes MAN ooo..hehe. Amen to ur prayers

    @David C Brown- Amen! thanks a lot

    @Sugarcoated- daughters are da bomb :) thanks a lot.

  17. Congratulations! I love that part of the prayer where you say that she should be caught if she wanders into lying, stealing or cheating. You round it off nicely by saying that she will learn from it.

    Good points!


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