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12 May 2009

Thankful Tuesday (13)

I know, I know, I have been slacking seriousily with my thankful series. Does not mean I am not thankful. Anyway I am back again to give thanks. It is a good thing to give thanks to the Lord!

Here's a link to my last TT

Recently I haven't felt like the good daughter I should be, sometimes I do not acknowledge God but He is forever faithful and good to me. Father I thank you and I am sorry.

After church on sunday, heading home, I tripped and fell down the stairs. I landed on my left arm and side and it hurt! I was half in pain and half embarassed; I just wanted to get out of there fast. I thank God that it wasn't more than that. My side and arm still feel sore but I am alive! And to think my spirit told me to take the elevator and I didn't listen.

My sis-in-law and her family came visiting from the states. This was my first time meeting her in person (we talk on the phone). She is such a lovely person, we got along well and we had loads of fun. I thank God for Baale's family. They are really wonderful people. Bless them.

Update on my dad (sorry it's late but better than nothing)- the cast has been removed. He has graduated from using crunches to using a walking stick. He is now back at work. Praise God! Once again, thanks for all your support.

I am grateful for Baale, he is doing so well at work. God's favor is certainly on his life and I know God is taking him to higher places. I am thankful that Baale cares for me, and checks up on me "Are you ok?" he always ask. Love u loads.

Thankful for wonderful friends around me and you guys on blogville. You rock my world. x

What are you thankful for???

I was thinking, for those who do the weekly thankful post, we could do something different for next week or the next time you do your thankful posts. Can we list 5 or more things, starting with the first alphabet of our blog name that we are thankful for? So for instance, the following people should do a thankful series with the highlighted letter:

Adaeze, Aloted, Enkay, Good Nigerian Girl, Lolia, Icequeen, Nolimit, Mojisola, Rethots (do you still blog???), Seye & Writefreak.

I hope you get my flow and I believe this will be fun. Anyone else is welcomed to join. I have just listed the people I know who do the thankful series (I hope I have not left anyone out, if so, apologies!)

Catch you next time with my "A" thankful post ;-)


  1. I do thankful posts too, but have not been so good lately.
    Thank God your father is ok, and that you can have such a good relationship with your hubbys family. Nothing is better than that. Besides a good hubby of course.
    I want to thank you personally also for bothering to read my old blog post and having interest in my life and family issues. Warms my heart.

  2. am glad things are going well for you and your family.

  3. Adaeze- goody! so we can both do A thankful post. Will add your name to the list. Chance for u to get back on the thankful wagon ;-)

    Have I told you I enjoy reading your comments on my blog and on always have something insightful to say :)

    Sweetnothin'-thanks sweets. Na God!

  4. Awww…bale sounds so sweet…

    sorry about your fall…

    Good news about your dad…

    Am thankful for my family…always

    I was wondering the same thing about rethots too!

  5. Thank God for you oh.
    now this is to say u have started another meme on blogsville.......
    i have begged rethots oh,he's still a blogger and he will be back soon:)
    get ready to be confused.....
    sorry about your fall,good to know u are better
    thank God again for your dad as well

  6. I am so thankful for all the blessings in your life, little sis. Thank God that your dad is healing well, and I am glad that your fall did not cause you any permanent injury. Also, your relationship with Baale's family is something I hope to have too with my (future) husband's family.

    I accept your challenge for next week's thankful post...all I have to do is remember it!

  7. Ms Aloted, you still dey??
    I hope you got your arm checked out?
    I have another Idea, why don't you invite us to share testimonies on your blog?

  8. Thank God for His mercies, I'm glad the fall wasn't worse. Even when we don't obey HIs instructions, He's still a merciful God!
    Thank God for Baale and his family as well!
    Will do my W one next week then...though tomorrow is my thankful day!

  9. Awwww so glad ur dad is ok now..we thank God..
    Sorry about the fall love, glad it wasn't worse...

  10. aww thank God for your dad o!

    and i'm doing amebo happiness on your behalf cuz of Baales family...some people are not so fortunate lol...yay to great family members!

    and i think thats a really nice idea! will most definitely attempt it on Thursday, lol..i say attempt, because in usual fashion i will be thinking as i type, spontaneous like, and then again i might go off and add non I beginning things along the line :P...most important thing that we are thankful!

  11. I kinda got confused on the instuctions..however, glad all is well with you. I'm thankful for my house, healthy children and husband...everything started with a "H", lol, is that ok? Sorry you fell down the steps, been there myself..but the most important pt. is that you got up!

  12. Thank God the fall was not too bad pele.

    And I am also thankful with you as per Baale being caring.

  13. I too had been lacking since XBOX came back...but now I'm back at it. What a neat post. What a neat idea...using the alphabet...

  14. Shubby Doo- thanks dearie....
    thank God for good families

    Qmoney- lol..i dont see this as a meme, since the people involved already do the thankful series...
    Yes o rethots should come back and confuse us more!

    GNG- big sis by one year! lol...yes i pray the same for u..having good inlaws is bliss

    thanks for accepting the challenge :)

    sleekiest- yes o..i still dey o....i went to the hospital and they said am ok. thanks dear
    I am already doing that..thats why i ask "what are you thankful for?" :0)
    so tell me chic??
    thanks girl

    writefreak-ose ore. looking forward to read your "W" thankful post

  15. afrobabe- thanks dear...we thank God o!

    icequeen- i know o...having good inlaws is a blessing. lol u said the whole idea is to give thanks

    Lady A- i think you are no longer confused right..cuz u got it on point with the "H" thanks :)
    Is it true u have a new blog for Mrses?? invite me pls!

    30 +- awww thanks i appreciate.

    Nieman Family- I haven't been to XBox's blog in a while and I kinda stole the idea from her or someone else on her blog a long time ago...:) thanks for stopping by

  16. Thankful to God on your behalf fell! thank God you are OK.
    Good to hear your Dad is doing better, his healing shall be complete and with speed.

    Still wondering how the first letter testimonies would look like,.......I'm looking forward to the first person's post on that.

    and please sis.........we need regular updates :-)

  17. Hey girl, I'm soooo sorry I overlooked you! I already sent the invite.

  18. My dear, thank God you are okay.

  19. Happy to hear about your dad's and the various ways God has being good to you. Thank God for God.

  20. Sorry about the fall. Glad you dad is better. We thank God for his mercies at all times.

  21. Glad to hear popsie is doing much better. We thank God.

  22. Good to know your Dad is doing much better. Am trying to think of five things that begin with M; stuck at three, lol.

    Ayah, sorry about the fall; glad you didn't break anything.

  23. thank God 4 your dad! so good to know.

  24. You say you've been slacking in the Thankful series. I guess I have been over-hyper-slacking.Thanks for putting me back on track.

    I'd do my next post soon according to your rules.

    Thanks again for EVERY!

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    Even with the grandpiano at home, i don't think my brothers ever even attempted to hear how it sounds with their fingers on the keys.

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    You know, the fact that you like the violin doesn't mean they will. In fact the violin is just a tone difficult.
    Get movies that have kids playing...

    get it?

  25. and about teaching you to play the guitar: RULE ONE...cut your nails if you have long nails

    TWO: hope you are ready for a month of FINGER HURTS

    THREE: I'd send payment details

  26. You got me thinking....I have been more than a slacker in thanking God. But for His mercies, where would I be?

  27. Glad to hear abt your Dad and good to know you always have reasons to be thankful.

  28. hey luv, how are you doing? Hope you had a good weekend?

    Today, I am thankful for love, for life, for music, for the previledge to worship God freely. I am thankful for my parents, they are in their winter years, and I seem to have fallen in love with them all over again... lol.

    I am thankful for the knowledge that my God is a good God, all the time.. so I can scream 'norrin do me oh' as I live out the reality of each day..

    Have a great week ahead..
    Much luv x

  29. I think i will join in the thankful series as well cos Daddy is always showing Himself faithful whenever my name is mentioned, many times i don't even deserve it. I would also love to join the alphabet thanking thing especially after seeing the first one. I'm back from my blogging sabbatical.

  30. Thank God your dad is well!

    Hmm, an 'E' thankful post? Now I've got to think but I'm sure I'll come up with something soon!

  31. God has been so good to YOU...

    My dear, thank God that it is God that will give us the final grade about if we served Him well or not, so no worry yourself...even though we judge you (*wink) God no vex with you...LOL

    *I should consider joining the "Thankful Tuesday" posting very soon...but definitely I will have to open another blog to do that...Take care of U...



  32. I love these thankful posts. I just read Writefreak's and now yours. Isn't God wonderful?

    I am thankful for checking this post out and for confirming to me that God indeed has been wonderful to me, so I am thankful as well.

    God bless you.

  33. lovely post this one!

    so you fell down?

    be careful this girl oh, be careful oh!

    i'm grateful to God for your baale, that he is so good to you.... super something!

  34. olufunke- thanks dia..guess you've seen GNG & Writefreak's thankful post. Mine should be up tomorrow

    Lady A- thanks! joined the blog :) Nice work

    Rita- thanks dia..i appreciate u

    Stantall- God is good!

    LusciousRon- thanks a lot!

    Tigeress- thanks my sister

    Mojisola-lol..are you still stuck at three M things? hopefully not :)

    disguisedfeelings-God bless you!

    Seye- u r such a kill joy...ok let me just fantasize about my children learning how to play the violin. thanks for the tip though.

    ok o...e be like say you this teacher go strict small i have to cut my finger nails??? i will think about it. ta!

  35. temmy tayo- yes is good to be thankful...but for his mercies we are nothing

    ScoopsNaija- thanks Parakeet :)

    Remi-aww i am loving your thankful list. hope u r enjoying ur bank holiday

    Adedayo- it will be a pleasure for you to join us in the thankful list. welcome back..will check u out

    Enkay- is your post up yet? will go check.

    Kemi- hmm new blog for a thankful series...hmmmmmmm interesting...will look forward to that...take care too!

    babajidesalu- thanks a lot...yes o God is Awesome

    Tyger- o se dia..i am more careful these days..

    yes o Thank God for Baale..I am very grateful for him.

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  37. Thank God your father is now ok, and that you can have such a good relationship with your family.


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