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26 May 2009

Thankful post- the "A" edition

Apologies once again for not posting this last week. Work has been so busy, in fact i think i need to take my manager to God in prayer so he can stop stressing my life. Anyway as some of you know today's thankful post is a bit different from the usual. It's all about the "A" stuff I am thankful for.

Here's a link to my last TT.

I am thankful for God's Amazing Grace in my life. Ever since when I can remember, I have always seen the evidence of God's grace in my life, marriage, family, work etc. Even when I don't deserve it, he showers me with his unmerited favor.

I am thankful for Abundant life. This year I have heard of a number of young people dying and I am no better than any of them. I am grateful for God's Assurance of life for me and my family. Not just any type of life but a life filled with goodness, love and plenty more.

I can not be grateful enough for Accident-free journeys. Since I started driving last year, I have not had a single accident even though I have been very close to having a few. I must confess anything accident scares me so I am very thankful for my safety.

I am thankful I have a good Appetite. A few weeks ago my eating habits was sporadic but am glad it is getting back to normal. Reminds me of the song we used to sing in primary school: "some have food but cannot eat, some can eat but have no food, I have food and I can eat, glory be to God on high"

I am grateful for Acquaintances & Friends I have made on blogville. You guys are just too much. God bless you all.

So what are you thankful for?

Please check out Icequeen's "I" thankful list from last week. I found it really refreshing! :)


  1. First!!!!!!!!!

  2. am so thankful for accident free journey o!It is God that protects us each time

  3. I think you have redeemed yourself with this prompt post :)

    I am thankful with you for accident free driving! I've only been driving a couple of years and I too have had some "close calls". I am thankful that God preserves my life every time I step out of the house. The scary thing with accidents is you don't have to be responsible for it before it happens. I am so grateful for His protection over us all.

    I'm thankful for your presence on blogville too! You have a very cute charm that is uniquely you that I love!

  4. I am thankful that I had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and that I just got back safely :)

    My L post is coming soon, I promise!

    Love yours dear and I'm extra glad to have met you! :)

  5. Nice one, will do mine soonest.

    Glad to have u on blogville too. I totally agree with you on the accident free thing; I am still thankful for the two months I drove a sometimes sick baby without a license and never got caught or fined and always brought him home safely.

    Have a blessed week.

  6. Aha! So you've finally done it!
    GNG called it the 'G' Edition, yours is the 'A' Edition. My 'E' Edition coming up shortly!!

    Thanking God with you for safety!

  7. I am thankful for accident-free driving too, especially in naija where there are too many reckless drivers and motorcycle 'okada' riders

    ***I will do my own thankful post too, soon

  8. very lovely...thank God for accident free journeys as well, and amazing grace!

    we commit ur mgr in2 God's hands oh...God will soften his/her heart towards u...

  9. I am thankful for Aloted and the fact that she's my friend :-)
    I am also thankful for safety, i have had accidents while driving, but he preserves my life and i've never been injured and am trusting him for accident free journeys onward!

  10. I am thankful for Aloted for doing the A - Z thankful posts. :-) For it reminds us to be thankful :-)

    I am thankful for Abilities -endless abilities that God has installed within me. Yes, I can do all things through Jesus Christ.. woohoo!

    I am thankful for Achievements so far, can't wait for the rest to be maifested.

    Have a great week luv

  11. Right now my appetite is wanting some firewood made food and I am thankful to God for that. Its not everyday I decide not to be posh.

  12. finally she puts up a post!!!!! im thankful for Aloted, the encouraging advice you doled out when i was hurting

  13. I ma thankful for ma life and ma mum's health.
    Great post!

  14. thats wonderful, i just read enkay E-edition..

    i like your A-edition, maybe you will see a B-edition

    its good to be thankful

  15. also thankful for acident free drivings, each day i'm reminded that, God keeps us safe, not our carefulness or skill in driving...

    Thank You Lord

  16. Well done, you did it! I know life can get very busy sometimes. I was expecting you to challenge us again, but no?

  17. hmmm, I cant even think of anything that starts with A and here you are listing them off. Ok, i have one....i am thankful for aloted. yay me, i got one

  18. i won't report you again! LOL..

    really i am also thankful for abundant is not something i earned in any way o!

  19. oh reading this is feel so guilty, promised myself i was gonna do a thankful post this week, anyway week isnt over yet. i will make sure i do.

  20. I am thankful for the great mercies from God, thankful for my adorable hubby and son too.

  21. I love the verse for today. God can really do anything. Thanks for reminding us.

  22. nice post

    i should do one too!

    starting with T! that would be tough oh!

  23. great post! I am thankful for everything - the ups and the downs and everything in between!

    Thanks for sharing this.

  24. beautiful post
    I am thankful with you

  25. What's the Hebrew prayer that thanks God for returning your soul to your body when you wake up?

  26. As you may know, thanksgiving is coming up in 2 weeks, and also is a times to give thanks back to whatever you please. In the spirit of this holiday unfortunately not everyone will be able to hear your prayers. Well, on yahoo answers, post what you are thankful for, let's all share the beauty of this holiday together. Even for the people who do not celebrate this holiday. I'd like to know if there is anything that you will be thankful for. This question is open to everyone.


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