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20 Apr 2009

Too much!

Sorry this is coming late o!

Special thanks to Writefreak, Afrobabe, Nolimit, BSNC, Scarlet, Rita, theicequeen, Tigeress, doll, Kemi Penelope, Enkay (birthday mate!!!), SSD, Standtall, Funmie D rebirth, Buttercup, Laide XSchoolNerd, Nefertiti, Good Nigerian Girl, Parakeet, Bumight, Olufunke, Temite, Seye for the birthday wishes via blogger, facebook, voicemail, email, messenger, ecards etc. You guys are just tooooooooooooooooooo much!!!! Mwuahhh. God bless you all.

Easter baby like me, I had loads of fun on my day courtesy Baale. I went to the spa for a full body massage, manicure and pedicure. It was very refreshing and I felt pretty. ;o)

I thank God I am still alive today to declare his glory. By his grace, many more successful years to come for all of us. Amen!

I am getting very close to 30 and I am not finding it funny at all.

Will be back with a proper update.


  1. Hey hon!!!Glad you had loads of fun!!!!

  2. hey ShonaVixen- yes u r! I must admit I haven't been at yours in a while!!!! I feel so bad. No excuses..I'll stop by soonest. hope you well???

  3. ok, so i see all these names in Blue and bolded and think
    why isnt my name up there....or didnt i wish her happy birthday?was going to let it go, but the jeloxy in me wouldnt gree, so i did my research and found out that i DID wish u happy birthday!

    so u better correct the post with my name up there, bolded and in red :)

    i'm glad u had fun, and full body massage? i can see tht u're just trying to bring out the green-eyed monster in me!

  4. ah bumight no vex comment certainly cracked me up.

    ok so please can I see a copy of this your research, not that I don't trust you o..i just wan see am. :)

  5. You're welcome darl! And tell me about 3o being close, ah! I think i'm starting to detect a few greys in my hair already...hmmmm!

  6. Birthdays are good the more you have the longer you live.
    Most importantly, they are God's way of saying he's still got use for us.
    Enjoy your age no matter the number.

  7. lmao @ Bumight...yep, you deserve the recognition...

    Glad you had fun babes...


  9. my evidence is on ur last thankful teusday post!...which makes me the first blogger to wish u happy birthday sef. for even doubting me, i demand a whole post!!!

  10. You are welcome dearie, am glad you have fun. God bless you too..

    lol @bumight...

  11. Pretty Babe,
    I love the "I went to the spa for a full body massage, manicure and pedicure. It was very refreshing and I felt pretty. ;o)" part of it........God bless Baale.

    Wishing you many, plenty more great and beautiful years ahead.
    and don't worry, when u hit 30,you'll find out its just a number, like any other day, you'll feel as young, as fresh and strong as you want to be ......ask Caleb:-)

  12. @writefreak & Nefertiti- i shudder raise to power 10 to the big 30 but the Lord is my strength

    @Debbie- hmm men thanks for the reminder o...i needed it. as in for real! thanks!!!

    @Afrobabe- thanks dearie. abeg, pls help me beg Bumight make she no vex for me again.

    @Seye- ye i am getting into trouble know I saw your messages but it didnt click..i was like wat is Seye going on for write simple "happy birthday" and i would have soji-ed mwuah mwuah..pls no vex sweetie pie mi

    @bumight- ah! my sister u no lie at all o...i don update o...go check am...i salute!

    @BSNC- thanks sweetie.
    pls dont laff at Bumight me beg her o!!!

    @Olufunke- can you imagine i also forgot your name! After that special card you sent me. infact i must chop koboko. thanks o for the encouragement. infact you have made proper sense..i will not fear the big 30!!!!!! thanks girl

  13. Happy belated birthday! Sorry, I didn't know! Sounds great to go to the spa. I am glad you had a great time.

  14. Thank u for being such a great friend...many more things to come for you. Please u need to pacify Bumight well well. Me I look forward to the post she requested for.

  15. okay abeg bumight, its not her fault... she has updated

  16. its too l8 to say hapi bday abi.

  17. Better late than never right....HAPPY see, mine was the, hmm we're plenty that are nearing the big three-Ooh, don't feel it yet though.
    Glad you had a blast, you totally deserve it...baale is the man.

  18. Since bumight and seye are throwing a stink, I demand you spell out my name in full: Good Naija Girl. Please and thanks.

    And by the way...I'm glad your birthday was so great. Hubby's gift sounds divine!

  19. u r welcome sweetie..yay for Baale!

  20. May the simplest of your needs be met .
    And may all your desire, dreams and prayers become your greatest accomplishment.
    Happy Belated Birthday..

  21. lol! But being 30 ain't soo bad!

    Believe me, I know! hehehe!

  22. @Adaeze- thanks my sister- i didn't really announce it was my birthday and so was tripped when some people knew/found out...

    yes o u shld try the spa soon..very very refreshing!

    @Rita- nawa o, my friend...instead of you to help me beg bumight you are adding more fuel. lol

    @BSNC- thanks jare...correct person... girl, it is not...feel free!

    @jhazmyn- aww thanks is well with the big 3-0!!!! lol
    yes i agree Baale is da man! ;-)

    @GNG- nawa want to add your own abi..ok o i will change it sha.because you said please and thanks :P

    @buttercup- my aburo o se o...yes o yay for Baale!!! :D

    @Ms. Spicy Tee-Big Amen to your prayer...i really appreciate it. mwuah

    @Enkay- You be Egbon ni yen! i am coming for "being 30" tips!!!

  23. happy belated brithday dearie. stay blessed

    re:30 age is but a number sweetie...when u get there, hopefully u will see that it is not that bad

  24. I guess I missed the party after all. Any left overs? lol. Happy belated birthday sis, and I can imagine how great it feels to celebrate a birthday in easter. You're definitely favoured. Beats me why guys gleefully approach age 30 but women dread that age like a virus. Well, we definitely know why. (I bind those 'wrinkles' and lol.) For the average man and woman, the big three-o is like a border that takes them from one point to another- a point where you stop looking up to someone and instead find yourself in a position where someone has to look up to you. Now that ain't funny at all. I definitely feel you on this one.

  25. Getting too close to 30 for comfort huh? Relax. Its no BIG deal. Felt the same way when I hit the big 3-0. Didnt celebrate in any way. And this is from a guy?
    I wonder how women feel?

  26. Why are you not finding it 4nee that you are going on 30?

    Happy belated birthday.

  27. happy belated bday......still count doesnt it.

  28. LOL@not finding it funny!! Happy belated b'day!!

  29. sorry i am so late to wish u a happy birthday. Thank God for his faithfulness. He has kept you like he promised. Have a blast of another year. And I don't think 30 is so scarry

  30. Happy belated birthday! Wishing you the best in ALL!

  31. Happy belated birthday. I missed it. Hope you had a good one. I am getting closer (not too close sha o) to 30 as well, freaks me out like crrrraaaaazzy!!

  32. it looks like i'll be coming to your blog from time to time, just to gaze at my name written in big bold red letters! *contented sigh*


  33. Wait till you are 30+, that is when the fun begins

  34. hmm,shey u rememeber when u were 7years and 5months and was already calling urself eight years old??
    as long as u are still looking skenky,age is burin but a number abi?
    happy bday in arrears.....berra late than never

  35. ALL- Apologies for late response!

    @Shubby Doo- thanks o...thats what I keep hearing..age aint nothing but a number...maybe the more i tell myself that, the more I will believe.

    @Geebee- i always love reading your comments on my blog and on other blogs..for your age you are very insightful..its like u can see right thru me!

    @tobenna- ok big deal is well!

    @O'Dee- dear, i dunno how to explain it,..but Geebee has given a bit of insight on my behalf (see comment above)

    @sweetnothin'- thanks dear

    @Omosewa- lol...its funny girl!

  36. @Uzezi- no worries at all...yes God has been faithful. Am not scared jare..not just finding it

    @Dee!-Thanks a lot..i appreciate

    @Tairebabs- lol...i will let u know how it feels when i finally get there... :)

    @Thirty+- hmmmmmmm the elders have spoken!....what more can i say but to believe

    @QMoney- lol..i feel u o jare...thanks dearie....

  37. I can't help but to laugh when you said, "i'm getting very close to 30, it's not funny, etc" Hahahaa..that's when you know you don't wanna waste anymore time cuz we are not getting younger.

  38. Hmmm, let me know when you are a day to 30 and i shall tell you what if feels like to be exactly 30. Short of which, pray tell how i missed your birthday?
    Happy (belated) Birthday.

    Beautiful quote, but, will rephrase it as "A bird does not sing because it has an answer, it sings because that is what it is 'hardwired' to do." in essence, it sings 'cos that is the way it was created without an option of choice.

    We humans however, have an option to sing (give praises) or not to sing; we ought to consciously learn to sing, and with time, we will sing because we not only have a song has been 'ingrafted' in our spirit.

    Then, we would have overcome 'cos we would sing not 'cos we know the answer.

  39. A good option. Visit the den pack and get to know the scout leader. Many have no real background with diverse children.


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