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24 Mar 2009

Thankful Tuesday (12)

Men! It's been some time I did my thankful series. I see GNG, Writefreak, Nolimit are keeping the thankful flag flying hard. Good stuff ladies. It is Tuesday and I have come to give thanks. Here's a link to my last TTT

  1. God has been good to me. He is merciful, loving and kind. I went through a rough patch for some time now but despite it all and how I felt; HIS love for me overshadowed it all.
  2. Baale has been my rock especially during the rough patch... I am thankful for his support and his patience. Sometimes I wonder why anyone will want to live with me especially during my low times but I am very thankful for my man
  3. I am glad that the rough time is becoming a thing of the past. I will not allow the devil to steal my joy; the joy of the Lord is my strength
  4. My dad is back home now. Praise God. His leg is still in a cast but I hear it will soon be removed
  5. I was informed that the armed robbers have been caught. Apparently they were a gang of sixteen or so.
  6. You guys in blogville are just too much. Thanks for your messages, emails, phone calls to ask after my dad. The love I feel in here is just overwhelming. God bless you guys
  7. My grandma is also back home and is improving everyday. Stroke- in your face!!!!!
  8. Despite the recession, credit crunch and all the tales of woes, God has been providing for my needs. As his child, I cannot suffer. It is not my portion
  9. Baale and I moved house.

So what are you thankful for?

I have changed my thankful series from "Ten Things Tuesday" to "Thankful Tuesday". That way I am not limited to ten things I am thankful for. Also I apologise that I have not been responding to comments. I cannot promise that I will respond to comments going forward or at least in the nearest future but do know that I appreciate them. Please keep them coming. However, if someone asks me a question I will endeavor to reply on my blog or via email. Thank you guys for your understanding :-)


  1. First!
    I am thankful for all that God is doing in your life my friend! He truly is a faithful God...and i am thankful to the things He is going to do in my life in the near future!

  2. Second!
    Thank God everything is falling into place, but We both know things always do, it's Just that He does it at His time............

    Good Life partner you've got there. May God continue to be with the both of you.

    I'm Thankful that I can go back to the field to sow more seeds and wait on My Lord, as I have harvested for the 1st quarter of the year.....And I am more than Thankful for this!

  3. wow, 16? thank God.........
    im thankful for His word that has been ministering to me. I am thankful that i will see my family in one week

  4. i m thankful for life (n u for reminding me'

  5. I'm thankful for you. That the rough patch you were going through is becoming a thing of the past.

    It shall stay that way!

    I'm thankful for God's Word! It's a strong tower in times of trouble.

  6. Thank God you got over the rough patch. He would always give us a testimony.
    Wonderful Baale you have there.
    Good to have you back!

  7. im sooo thankin God4all d nice things happenin in ur lyf...I also wana thank God cos today is ma birthday n hes spared me all dis years..kai! satan ur a liar!

  8. Don't worry it is well..God is in control.

  9. Ok, I missed ur Thankful Tuesday posts so I'm thankful you are here to share with us, thankful for the great things God is doing in your life...and you moved house? You didnt tell me...

  10. I am thankful for my life. I know that there are no accidents. And that I'm exactly where I need to be right now. I'm thankful for the clarity to understand that.

  11. im thankful for everything on ur list..God is really awesome..

    im thankful for everything!

  12. Father we thank you for the mercy and favor you showed this family...We thank you lord cos it's not by power or by our hearts desires but purely by your mercy...

  13. I'm thankful that everything in your life is falling into place :)

    In fact I think I shall start a Thankful Tuesday series as well...It's good for the soul.

    Changed my blog url to

    Do take good care dear and reply comments whenever you can xx

  14. I am sooo happy to read all the things that were on your list: glad that your rough patch is moving to the past, glad that Baale has been your rock, glad your dad and grandmother are doing well...just thankful all around!

    May God continue to do good things in your life, cutie!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. i'm thankful for Gods goodness and mercies to my whole family..i'm actually short of words..He's just been too much..tank u fada

  17. Aww u guys are just to kind...bless u all!

    @Lolia- will check out ur new url

    @Rita- my dear sorry it was just this past week abi wen sef? lol..not long ago sha...will catch up with u in a bit

    @wellsbaba- happy birthday!!!!!

    @Afrobabe- sista! gosh!!! i am feeling this your comment..totally!!!!! :)

  18. I'm thankful for every thing on your list, moreso cos its reminded me that God is always spot on and on time, i really needed that reminder today
    @ wellsbaba HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  19. I an thankful that despite all that you have been through, u came out on top, alive and well to write this thank you post. Which encourages us to be thankful....

    So I in turn...

    I am thankful for being alive and well. I am thankful that despite all this mad world economic crisis, God is elevating me to levels I could never have dreamed off.

    I am thankful or all my friends and family, that each and everyone of them is still here, and well too.

    I am thankful that I know Jesus
    I am extremely thankful and previledge for the grace to be called his own.

  20. Am so happy ur dad is back home. That experience must have been horrifying and God is great for seeing u guys thru it.

    I am thankful for happy times.

  21. i need to start this thankful posts, was thinking about that today. God's always been gr8 to me.

  22. hey! I dont know what happened to your dad but whatever it might be- i'm glad to know he's doing fine.

    As for me- i thank God for the miracle of sleeping and waking up. Something i do every morning i wake up.

  23. @Tigeress- thanks dad was shot by armed can read the gist here-

  24. I am thankful for you too, are you serious your dad was shot by armed robbers...scary. Thank God he is feeling much better. My Goodness...have a good weekend.

  25. Thank God for your life. I like your blog appearance - uplifting.

  26. Thank God for your life. I like your blog appearance - uplifting.

  27. i just read the post on the attack.Thank god ur dad is alive and getting better.there's so much to thank god for,words are not enuf.

  28. 1 --> "We come closest to God at our lowest moment." - Terry Anderson

    2 --> That's why he chose you to be his wife because he knew he could handle anything that concerns you...

    3 --> he can never...he may try but what God has given you, no being can snatch it from you...

    4 --> Praaaiiissseee the Lord for sparing his live.

    5 --> "Watch and see how I put your enemies under your feet..."

    6 --> Ok, I can't take any credit here but I am glad to read that he is doing great...Thank God for favors...

    7 --> Definitely, IN-YOUR-FACE, I have to write Mr. Stroke...!!!

    8 --> "Those of steadfact mind you keep in peace - in peace because they trust in You." - Isaiah 26:3

    9 --> Thank God for His unending favors...

    ***Sorry for the epistle comment...

  29. awww Kemi..thanks so much for your wonderful detailed message...i truly appreciate it.

    i have been seeing your name around but have not stopped by yours. Will certainly do so...I have a feeling I'll like/enjoy what I see :) God bless!

    Everyone thanks again..God bless you all! Mwuah

  30. He makes all things beautiful in His time.

    ...congrats on your dad.

  31. im thankful 4 alot o.....i cant even lie!
    jehovah has been faithful!
    ill do mine again..hopefully i rememeber!
    may ur testimonies be long lived o!

  32. Awww didn't hear about your dad before. I am glad everything is fine now. Thankful tuesday...I should do this. I am thankful for sooo many things but i guess sometimes i forget to say it to God. Thank you God. I love todays quote..time really does let us know what matters

  33. Gosh! how did i miss this?

    Your Dad was shot? Wow...thank God he's getting better.

    And I like the idea of thankful tuesday. I think I'll borrow the idea. Its a good way to glorify God on blogsville.

    Thanks for the inspiration. The best of health to ur Dad.

  34. thank God for your dad's live. i am thankful for God, life, my family and friends and my fellow bloggers. thank you for stopping by my blog hut..

  35. hey Aloted! how are you???

  36. I like the idea behind the name change. There are so many things to be thankful for that limiting it to 10 things is like constraining yourself. I thank God for retentive memory and the grace to have an education. Exams no easy o. Been hooked up with that now since the past week.

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  38. Nice day for Tuesday because this day is very Luke day for my friends.


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