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7 Mar 2009

Honest Scrap Award and other sturvs

I was given the Honest Scrap Award almost a month ago by YakeenNaijaBabe. Thanks babe, I really appreciate it. So the deal is I have to share ten honest things about myself now.

  1. I can sleep for Nigeria, Africa and the United Kingdom all together. I would be a millionaire by now if I got paid for the number of hours I CAN sleep in a day.
  2. First time I permed my hair was after secondary school. Sometime last year, I realised perming/putting chemicals in my hair was not for me, so i did the big chop and now I proudly wear my natural hair. Still looking for more natural style ideas. Anyone?
  3. As a child & teenager i was an extrovert; quiet outspoken but now I seem to be more in touch with my inner man and do not care so much for outings and parties. Old age?
  4. I am good with organising meetings in the office but rubbish with organising space. Thank God for Baale in my life
  5. I didn't throw my bouquet at my wedding reception, I brought it back home (UK)! My logic then was it was too beautiful and besides i paid for it. LOL. Now it is "panti" (junk) at home.
  6. I only use hot water to bath. Cold water is a no no.
  7. I love the idea of food more than food itself. Explanation- I like cooking but when it comes to eating the food after cooking it, I sometimes get bored with it while other people are enjoying the food.
  8. The only form of exercise I do is walking. Now that I drive, it is harder to do my only exercise. Sigh
  9. I wore braces for 2 years as an adult
  10. I love Jesus :)
I am suppose to pass this on to 7 people but men I no fit. Too many bloggers I love. Pardon moi.

Naija Blogger Award

I just found out today that I was nominated for best religious blog. I am honoured. Thank you o. Ok so the competition is a bit daunting- Jaycee & Rita. That means I will beg you to vote for me. Those two were kuku nominated for other awards, so here's the deal, vote for them in the others and just leave this reglious one for me. Fair enuff? LOL. OK in addition to begging, I will pray that the Lord will minister to your hearts to vote for Aloted. God bless you as you vote :o)

Update on my Dad
Thanks again for all your support and prayer. He is getting better now. Still in the hospital but should be discharged very soon

Have a blessed week and happy new month.



  2. Rose go away! I thought i was first! lol
    Don't worry you know i will vote for you! I felt very proud when i saw your nomination. Thank God for popsie's life! And thank God you updated...*winks*

  3. yay, ur dad is better......... wait, u have natural hair? gosh how do u maintain it? good job... congrats on ur nomination

  4. Eh yah, natural is the way to go. Wow!!! I can imagine the competition, I think you would win it all the way. Don't worry. Na wa for you not throwing your bouquet, ah ah...don't you want the lady who catches it to get I hope your weekend is going great. later

  5. Natural - I am thinking about it. I am glad your dad is doing much better. And congratulations on the nomination.


    Hey I am not alone in the hot-water-to-bath issue! I don't dare use cold water. For what now?

    about exercises: na volks 'waGIN' you suppose drive. By the time you are through with using the clutches and brake, you would not need much exercise elsewhere. lol

  7. It's great to see you, Aloted. Shey o wa pa? I hope so!

    I liked your list. I think I could beat you in a sleeping contest though, unless you will say you have been sleeping non-stop since your last entry! ;)

    How do you stand such hot water? My only conclusion is that the water in the UK doesn't get as hot as it does in Canada. :)

    Congratulations on your nomination! Your blog is very inspiring, so the nomination is well deserved!

    Your poor daddy. I'm glad he's still doing ok, getting better, and he'll be home soon.

  8. Yes you're back...and thanks for sharing this much about you...

    I used to be hot-water only but condition make crayfish bend...

    Dont worry about the award...

  9. Lol at you can sleep for Africa. Braces? You must have looked geeky.

    Didn't know ur dad was unwell. I pray he gets well soon.

  10. glad to know your dad is getting better

  11. Thank God popsy is better...

    Long time babe....hope all is well in aloted land and will definately vote for you..

  12. i can sleep too, but reading novels compete with my sleep and the novels win.

    thank God for your dad

  13. i can sleep too, but reading novels compete with my sleep and the novels win.

    thank God for your dad

  14. I love my bed as well
    Glad that your dad is getting much better
    and Congratulations for the nomination

  15. Thank God for ur dad's recovery.

    I wish i never permed my hair. My natural hair was so full..not particularly long but it was healthy!

    I love sleep..but unfortunately its a one-sided relationship :(

  16. And congrats on ur nomination!

  17. Interesting list,
    Thank God for your Dad'a life, God would make his healing perfect in Jesus name.

    I like the natural hair part.........but I gat no new ideas for you o!
    and as for your nomination........what do we get, so we vote Aloted, for this, Aloted for that, Aloted for everything.
    Congrats dear

  18. Glad your dad's getting better.

    I'm with you on that hot water bath. Even when the weather's hot, I still bathe with hot water! lol!

    Nice 10 things to learn about you!

  19. Glad to finally read your update. Wao, you can sleep that much? The maximum I can go is eight hours. A minute more and an alarm in my head would start ringing. LMAO @ the wedding bouquet thing. Funny. . . Thank God your dad is very much okay now. Regards to him. Meanwhile, you got your wish as regards the vote. Go vote for me too oh. Deal?

  20. funny but cool and honesty, the Grace of God divine health is your dad's.........

  21. thank God for ya papa o. With u on food: i dont like food, i love goood food...
    Tit for tat: vote for me, i vote for u!

  22. M glad ur dad is better. It's small world. I heard my dad talkin to ur mom after it hapnd.

    I pray for God's continual protection over ur folks.

  23. I apologize for leaving that one liner,and for spelling God with a lower case 'g'.That's a serious typographical eyesore!!

    My first two comments vanished,and i typed that in a hurry.So here goes my original comment.

    Thank God your Dad is okay,and congratulations on your nomination.

  24. hi u been..? i actually thot i left a comment on this post b4...
    been a hear..hpe you are good...and hope dad is good too..peace

  25. I want to know why you wore braces o. Care to share?

  26. aloted r u????

  27. wait, wait, wait. You didn't throw your bouquet? Ah?

    Thank God your pops is getting better.


    I could have sworn i made a comment on this blog.

    I totally feel u on sleeping my life away. I've actually gotten better with age.

    U drive in the UK? congrats on passing ur test. Thats a testimony on its own. lol!

  29. I want to wear braces o! am 23 but am scared that they may not be off on my wedding day. Pls mail me to encourage me…lol…congrats on ur award and nomination…thank God for ur pops

  30. Hellllloooooooooooooooo. Anyone home. Been a while since you updated. Hope you’re good. Trust Dad’s perfectly okay now. Hope to read your update pretty soon. Have a beautiful week.

  31. Where art thou been? (oops, or is it me?)


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