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Have you made the most important decision of your life? Where will you spend Eternity? To make heaven is as simple as ABC- Accept you are a sinner, Believe that Jesus died for your sin and Confess HE is Lord.

19 Oct 2008

Ten things Tuesday (07) + Love your Blog Award

Hello Beautiful people. I hope this meets you well. It's another awesome Tuesday and I am here to give thanks but this time for some special bloggers! Actually let me start from the beginning.

Last week, I was awarded the "I Love your blog" award by YankeeNaijaBabe and Lady A. I was really tripped and actually blessed to know that such wonderful ladies love my blog.

YNB- I must confess that I love the work you are doing with your new's full of all sorts that can benefit anyone who cares to read. I have picked up a few fashion tips from your blog. Thanks

Lady A- Reading about your story and how you are joyful even in the midst of heartaches, everyday life and caring for your kids amazes me. Your love for God is evident in all your blogs. I am so happy that you and your hubby are back together and making things work. You remind me that Love conquers all.

So before I pass on the award, here are the rules:

1.The nominated is allowed to put the picture on their blogs.
2.Link to the person who awarded you.
3.Nominate seven other people and link to them.
4.Leave a message on those people's blog to make them aware that they're nominated.

I know the rules says pass it on to 7 bloggers but as I am incorporating this with my Ten things Tuesday am sure y'all won't mind me passing it to 10 remarkable bloggers. So here's me passing on the award and giving thanks for 10 blogs I love. Smart move, right??

Oh, yah, at this point I must mention that to everyone I gave out the Honest Award and to everyone that I read your blogs, please know that I 100% love your blogs. Blogville is just the place to be and I am humbled to be part of this wonderful family. However, I will like to recgonise the following as their blogs have impacted my life for the better (if you didn't know, now u are about to

In no particular order, I hereby pass on the award to:

  • Xbox Wife- The orginator of Ten things Tuesday. Am sure glad to have stumbled on your blog cuz doing ten things tuesday has taught me to be more thankful. For this reason I love your blog :)

  • Walking- This lady has all sorts of tips for everyday life on her blog. I have picked up a few tips on money management, food timetable etc. You just have to check her out.

  • Seye- There's just something remarkable about you and your posts. For a guy, I think you are in touch with your emotions even though you try to appear hardcore to us ;-)

  • Simeone Omobaba- Man of God! LOL...Your blog inspires me. That's all I am going to say.

  • ShubbyDoo- Just the title of your blog alone trips me. I remember once you mentioned on someone's blog that it actually keeps u in check. This reminds me of me sometimes when i feel like ranting but my blog title keeps me in line. Inspiring blog

  • Abbie- I love reading about you, your son, your minor "escapades". LOL. Thanks for always taking time out to respond to my comments via email. I appreciate it

  • 30+ - I simply love your blog because you ALWAYS acknowledge God at the beginning of each post. I find that totally awe-inspiring.

  • Tyger- You this girl, you have not been updating frequently but when you do you have something to say that puts a smile on my face.

  • Rethots- I love your unique way of writing. I have this image of you in my head. Do you look like a geek? lol. Sometimes, am not sure what you are going on about in your posts (slow me abi) but I love the fact that you take time out to send me an email to explain what's going on.

  • Abuja Maiden - I only recently stumbled on this blog and I fell in love with it right away. It's rare to find people who not only travel the "narrow path" but they are not ashamed to talk about it. Not sure how old you are but you remind me of me when I was younger, single and dealing with temptations of a single life. The Lord will surely reward your decision ;)

Sorry I have to acknowledge one more special person o, no vex. My ore timo timo (my close friend).

Writefreak: Ore, sometimes I think you blog is all about you and your hubby. Hubby this, hubby that. LOL. That is what I love about your blog :) Too much love...never too much jare! Thanks for being my friend in real life and in blogville. ;)

So who or what are you thankful for??


  1. Congratulations on your award! You truly surely deserve it.

    How are you?

  2. aww thanks sweetie... :D

    Am doing ok o, i just gentle for here. Hope you good??

  3. congrats on the award! You definitely deserve it!

    Abeg, can you remove that word verification thing?

  4. Babe, congrats on yr award..signs of better things to come

  5. @solomonsydelle--yes o , the verification thing is a time waster

  6. Congrats on your award. Like your positive vibe.

  7. solomondydelle- thanks o..i appreciate.

    hmm there was once i removed it..but i started getting spam comments on all my posts! long long poems like i put it back on.

    ok i'll compromise..i'll remove it but if i get any spam i'll put it back. deal: :)

    sola- thanks o...and i am holding on to that word "signs of better things to come"

    sorry about the verification thing o..i will remove it.

    naijalines- awww thanks...i hope to rub off some positive vibe on all y'all ;)

  8. Aww i loved this!

    Congrats on the award!

  9. Congrats on your award, love. You deserve it 4 sho!!

  10. lemme also say the congrats on your award be laama ri...:-)
    and lemme add that i'm blushing o...

    i'm thnakful for the fact that i have a sound mind , i'm completly healthy and i'm not on life support( drugs or machines)..Lord i thank you..

  11. The way you is truly amazing. I liked the words you said to the people you passed on the awards to.

    Dearest Aloted, May God bless you abundantly.

    You truly deserve the award.

  12. buttercup- thanks dearie..i appreciate :)

    Vera- 4 Shizzle! lol..Thanks!

    simeone- black men don't blush men i am feeling your thankful list o.

    Rita- I feel like i know you in person even though we have never met. i really dunno how to explain it but all I can say is thank you for being you.

  13. wow. lots of these bloggers u mentioned, i'd never even heard abt dem. am off 2 ur blog now & discover 4 myself wot makes dem tick.

  14. FFF- yes o thats the whole idea...i am using style to advertise these "hidden" blog :)

    hope u good?

  15. @aloted...I enjoyed the post. Thanks o. I would update the snacks I love with garri/fried fish. I love garri with friend fish. You know "the almighty garri" can save one back then in Naija.

    Thanks for the compliment. I hope to even do better with my blog once I graduate college next semester. I will be back to check out your blog. Have a great day .

  16. Sista, about the Rihanna post...It's back at it's original date...
    october 6. Look under current month October and you'll find it there with your comment and mine:-)

  17. congrats my dear...u deserve it.

    thank you for checking up on me...i am...ok...

    thank you for the award...truly honoured coming from someone like u...i am grateful...

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Gurl, congrats on the award o. As someone i know would say, 'I'd like to be like u when i grow up.' Congrats once again.

    (From my blog) I totally agree wt u gurl. Every child has a purpose on earth. There is surely no such thing as illegitimate children. I don't know abt illegitimate parents though. Maybe i'm one then. lol. All thesame, i guess it's safer to wait till one's ready, for kids or for marriage. I'll keep u posted on the new stuff. Episode 1 shd be out within a week. Thanks for checking in.

  20. Congrats!


    Thanks for showing some love for my blog!

  21. Awww, girl you deserve the award!
    Thank you for you kind words. When I write, I just write how it is in my life, no taken out scenes, just raw and uncut. Love you much!

  22. Aloted - Thank you very much babes, I'm feeling like so humbled...


  23. YNB- awww.i should be the one saying thank u ;)

    yes o..garri and fried fish! correct runs!!!

    naijalines- thank you, i don see am! :)

    shubby doo- good to hear you are doing better. and thank u for accepting the award :)

    gbengasile- aww thank u o...and stop making me feel so
    yah i think i sent u an email on ur comment. did u get it?

    abujamaiden- u r most welcome dearie :)

    MFF- thanks!...will check out your blog in a bit.

    Lady A- thanks u right back!!!

    30+- awww...u sure truly deserve it :) have a great day.

  24. Hey first time here...I think, and I want to say that I am thankful for the mornings that God lets me invade every morning, and my children, and all the love that surrounds me daily.

    how are you?

  25. Some names are missing from that list, I don't wanna have to punch somebody. lol.

    Nice work, girl

  26. Some names are missing from that list, I don't wanna have to punch somebody. lol.

    Nice work, girl

  27. I will be visiting some of your favourite blogs too.

  28. abi o' oracle *wide grin*
    congrats hon' sooooooooo where we go hang am???? :-)

    i 'm thankful to God for every......
    u kno' He's too much :-)

  29. Congrats love u deserve the award and thanks for always stopping by my blog. I appreciate thee.

  30. You have been tagged to join the pinksisterhood (All about breast cancer awareness for women). We need to preach the word to more women out there. Check it out! later.

  31. Aloted, I love your blog.

    I'll try check out your fav blogs.

  32. kin'shar- i actually think u've been here before..but who knows! Joining u in thanking God...

    Am good o! thanks girl

    oracle- lol...i already put disclaimer that i love y'all. abeg no punch anybody o...


    doja- sure they'll appreciate it :)

    LG- madam, u know i love u and ur blog...:)
    hang the award u go find somewhere to hang it..
    yes o God is THREE much sef ;-)

  33. temmy tayo- thank you and u are most welcome :)

    how are the men in ur life ;)

    YNB- ok love,,,will check it out in a bit

    oluwaDee- i love ur blog too. i really do.

    thanks and have a great day :)

    How's naija treating u?

    Yewande- thanks dearie :)

  34. Congrats on the award and thanks for giving me...Oh my so i am a Ruth! lol...well you can't but talk about someone you love :-)! i am thankful for you...being my friend, accepting me the way i am..the good and the not so good times...i appreciate you...ok enough mushy stuff! Where's the next post? lol

  35. Pele dear, sorry I'm just now getting here. Thanks so much for my award, I'm so touched. You are an inspiration to me (all married people are!) Your smile is so contagious. Thanks again. Did you say someone was a fashionista? Going to check on her now, and your other friend needing encouragement.

    Lotsa Luv.

  36. all these blog awards sef..honesty blogger, i heart your blog :) lol i heart your blog too aloted!! ok now update jo. he he he, ur favorite line

  37. Congratulations on the award your blog is truly inspirational and uplifting

  38. Congratulations on the award your blog is truly inspirational and uplifting

  39. Hello there!!


    I look forward to checking out the blogs you have mentioned!


  40. writefreak- ore, u dunno u are a Ruth? LOL. we need more Ruths in the world jare...Love u babes! Next post coming up soon.

    Abbie-U are most welcome :)
    I have been seeing your handwork on YNB's blog..nice one!

    Mimi- awwww thanks Mimi...u know i love not just ur blog but YOU. I go update soon

    MBM- awww...thank u very very much..i appreciate

    BWBTT- thanks for stopping by...and sorry i didnt write ur name in full...will check out ur blog soonest.

    smiles right back

  41. You really deserved the award...well done!

  42. Parakeet- awww thanks girl...I appreciate :)

  43. Acknowledged...........*blushes*


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