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30 Apr 2008

Old age or what??

Over the last couple of weeks I have had 3 bizarre cases of absentmindedness …not sure if its old age or carelessness or restlessness or what, maybe you guys can help figure it out.

Incident 1- I went to the shops to get something I needed to send off through my aunt to Naija. I was running late to catch the train so that day me sef I know I was really scattered. Anyway I got the stuff found my way to the station and stood on the queue to get a ticket and at the same time watching the time as the train was fast approaching. When the queue got to the person before my turn I decided to bring out my debit card so I could pay the guy fast and jump on the train, lo and behold my card was nowhere in sight. At this point I was not impressed at all with myself or my card! Where on earth did I throw this card?!!! Luckily I had some cash on me so I got my ticket and decided to go look for my card. I was already fuming because at this point I obviousily couldn’t catch the train. Anyway I went back to all the shops I went to and fortunately the first shop I went too had found my card! Oya give me my card they said they needed to see evidence that I was the owner. Fair enough I thought, only to check my wallet to find out that ALL the cards I had on me were in my maiden name! Grrrhhh Abi which kain rubbish be this. I bring everything out and try to explain to the lady that I recently got married and so changed my name and didn’t have any other id in my new name. The woman no gree o. She said she needed to see anything in my new name. I tried again and said “look my initials are the same, I am the same person, see, this is my old debit card, blah blah”. Rara o..the woman no look my side. At this point I was UPSET. I angrily left and went all the way home. I tried to calm myself down by saying the woman was only doing her job but I was still upset jo. Anyway to cut the long story short I took my office id card, my cheque book and my bills (yes o, se u want to know if its me or not, I will show you). I even wanted to take my marriage ceritifiate but I was like this babe take it Anyway I showed them that I was me (lol) and they gave me back my card. Thank God for that!

Incident 2- a week later or so I go to the same shop, bought some groceries and thought to use the self service section so I wouldn’t stay on the queue. I decided I needed some cash so after paying I asked for £10 cash back. Conscious of not wanting to lose my card again, I made sure I put the card in my purse, took my receipt and left. Half way home, I realised I didn’t take the £10 from the machine! Omo men I was like, you this girl what is your problem. I run back to the shop and prayed quietly that I won’t have any issues. I spoke to one of the shop attendants and explained to him I forgot to take my £10 and showed him my receipt to show that I indeed asked for cash back. I actually felt stupid at that point. I thought the guy was going to stress me and start ask me silly questions to proof that I didn’t have the £10 but thankfully he opened the till beside the machine and gave me £10. I hurriedly said thank you and scrammed before he changed his mind!

Incident 3- This time, it happened at work. I went to the canteen to get some lunch and decided to bring it back to my desk. I bought lunch, went back to the office and ate my lunch. After eating I needed to make a call then I realised my phone was missing! Ah! Ki lo fe fa gbogbo nonsense yi. God please I hope am not running mad. I started looking round my desk, called the phone with my desk phone but it just rang out. Anyway I dashed back to the canteen and asked the lady that works there if any phone was reported missing, she replied no. I wasn’t sure what to do at this point but something, I guess the Holy Spirit told me to ask one of the lady at the check out point. There were two of them and I felt inclined to ask one of them in particular. Anyway I walk up to her and ask her if she found any phone. She looked at me oddly and said “is this your phone”, I was like “yes, thank you” and left. That what how I found my phone o.

Ok I am glad all three cases had happy endings albeit some stress was involved but I am still a bit worried that the incidences above happened in the space of 3 weeks. I won’t say I am a very vigilant person but I usually double check myself whenever I go out to make sure I don’t loose anything. Sincerely I don’t understand what the issue is…do u think it is a one off or a “three off “in my case. Do things like these happen to you (I know it happens to writefreak some times) but would you call my incidences carelessness or what??

Thoughts appreciated!

N.B- Pls ignore all errors, no time to read over and i want to post it NOW! hehe


  1. Just when i was about to bug u to update. LOL at the incidents, do you want to really know why u've been so absentminded of late? Would u believe me when i tell u?................ i'm sending u an offline right now.

  2. hmmmn...I ono...jus need to take time out to CHILLL...u sound stressed to me...

  3. Are you sure somebody is not on the way(jigijigi bouncing baby)>? Thats the only accepted reason for your absent mind o. LOL

  4. @rinsola- hehehehe...saw ur message, you are not serious at all..LOL

    @charizard- thanks, yah maybe i need rest or vacation more like it!

    @temmy tayo- not yet like you o...hehehe

  5. aloted..u probably just had alot on your mind..
    Did these incidents happen after your mini 'time off'? , Then pls. request for another vacation o.

  6. Abi oh Temmy tayo. Aloted, are we preggers??? lol..
    Babes, some days r like that... take things easy.

  7. @LBM- i definitely need another break. thanks for stopping by

    @aijay- comments... ;)

  8. God have mercy! me! well birds of the same feather flock together, so maybe you're becoming more and more like me! God don catch you!!!

    On a more serious note, i'm sure it's nothing to worry about!

  9. ehya pele o, R u sure u r not stressed? just take it easy o!!!

    take care

  10. @writefreak- lol..pls o i don't want to become like you ;)

    @LG- thanks a lot..appreciate it.

  11. Yhellow lady, how was ur weekend? okay u've been tagged o

  12. It happens to the best of us, ma worry, you are nt running mad.Glad all those stories have a happy ending.

  13. Well I was going to say that my comment will be weird cos I think you must be preggers but then I see some folks have beat me to it.

  14. just checking up on U again, hope u r beta now?

  15. @for the love of me: thanks o jare..i guess am normal after all :)

    @30+: You have joined them

    @LG- Am feeling much better o...thanks. At least i have been carrying my brain around with me these days :)

  16. hi hunnnieeeeee :D haven't been here in a while.

    i promise i'll update sooonnnnnn!! :) promise. i have an exam soon 30 minutes, but taking a quick break so the steam from my head settles...

    will be back to read and comment :D

  17. extremely funny even though i no its no laughing matter. dont worry u will be fine

  18. @mimi- ok o we are waiting

    @uzezi- funny abi..thot so myself...
    thanks girl!

  19. Funny but, that we are liable to make such mistakes (or absent-mindedness) is what makes life difficult.
    ...& His presence makes it even desirable to live each day.

    Happy Married Life.

  20. @rethots- abi o...we are subject to making mistakes...

    thanks for the best wishes :)

  21. Gotta lot on your mind GF that must be it and nothing else...


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