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16 May 2008


Ok so Rinsola tagged me
The rules are:
1. Link the person who tagged you to this post
2. Mention the rules in your blog
3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged
This meme is about any particular mannerism you have, ok?

I have done something similar before, so i'll try not to repeat myself. How quirky can one get?? Anyway here goes:

  1. As a kid, i had imaginary friends that i used to play and talk to. It was like i was in a different world. Apart from that I used to act out different parts e.g a teacher. I thot the imaginary world was the coolest thing till i got caught one day by my siblings. I was so embarrassed. Anyway I moved to day dreaming, at least that way no one would know! I cant believe I got over day dreaming cuz it was like a mega addiction till like my SS1 or so. In that world, i had a husband, a son and twin girls and we all lived happily ever after. I think i should stop here before i get labelled "crazy".
  2. I used to be a VERY mushy person till hmm I dunno life happened to me. I used to write letters on flowery paper to my friends, you know like all those thank u for being my friend notes. I used to write out quotes and sayings that inspired me in a little cute book (i wonder where that book is now). Now the weird thing is i don't do stuff like that enuff more! Find it gooey. I actually think I was a lot nicer in those days. Now I am more of a realist. When I see mushy stuff happening around me am like yuck what da?? Fortunately or not, husby is on the mushy side so am adjusting to that again. Now what i find more weird is I am very emotional but can't really stand mushiness. Maybe i just like playing hardball...who knows
  3. I can't stand strictly romantic books like Mills and Boons, i find them boring and predictable. I'll rather stick to a James Hardly Chase (actually i don't read them anymore) or something more on the suspense side...Hmm i think i have a dark side!
  4. My best hobby is sleeping. I can sleep anywhere anytime anyplace as long as my head finds a comfortable position
  5. Cold is the default temperature I feel even when it is hot. I always have a scarf or a sweater or something extra with me because I am definitely going to feel cold
  6. *Edited*- I look waaaaaaay younger than my age, people see me and think am 19/20. Na yam?? LOL. Well I take it as a compliment as long as they don't feel I act 19/20.

Ok that's it for now. I tag writefreak, inmyheadandaroundme, ajike (you have now been officially untagged:P lol), aijay, lady a, proud naija wife, Tyger. Looks like almost everyone has done this meme, so was kinda hard finding someone to tag.


  1. lol u had a hubby and twiin daughters!!!CRAZY!!!lol

  2. i couldn't stop laughing at one...u imagined...buhahahahahaha!

    hmm aloted..hmmm, lol

    sweetie, i have done my quirks,if u go further down my page, uld see it lav!!!!!

    How are u honey?...

    Have a good week lav!!!!


  3. lol!!!@ nos 1, 6, and 3...sleeping a hobby ke, now dats a new one,

    hope u r doing gr8t?

  4. LOL, Na real tagged again.Thank God for #6, isn't that what many people are praying for? Lol at #1, you're not crazy o jare.

  5. You look young? That is a very good thing oh...

    Hope all is well.

  6. ...and u just had to tag me... Aloted, why now? lol

    I feel u on the sleeping bit. Sleeping is just awesome!!!
    #6 is cool. Like Rinsola said, thank God for it.

    Btw, thats some active imagination u've got... hubby, kids and all... O ga o. lol

  7. Did it...and I think I did it wrong, but I tried....

  8. @pink-satin: lol..yah i know sounds crazy now..but in those days they were very much part of me.. I still hope to have twin girls though :)

    @ajike: and i tried to check before tagging u i said looks like everyone has done this meme...

    am good o...and you??

    @lg: yes o...sleeping na major hobby...and i am going to enjoy it whilst I can...cuz a time will come when sleeping will be a luxury for me ;)

    @rinsola: abi o..thank God for the young looks...i actually relish in it

    @solomon: most def, a very good thing in a quirky way ;)

    @aijay: chick see it as a i hope u do it quick!

    na real active

    @lady a: am sure you did alright..will check it out soon. have a great day.

  9. come i am just hearing the first part...hmmm...maybe i should have reconsidered my friendship with you...lmao

  10. Lolllll...people say I look younger than my age too...

    I've found someone that acts my my lil sis. When it's hot summer, she's still cold and has a scarf on. I just don't understand!

  11. @writefreak lol you are very unserious...wait till we see your quirks!

    @jaycee- its a blessing init?? ;)

    lol..weirdos indeed..its so the middle of the night my husby sweats. me? I wear a sweater to bed! crazy!

  12. hi i finally finally updated after all the yabs!

    u can sleep anywhere? na wa oh

  13. i love ur best hobby. to bad it does not come easy to me

  14. #5 made you "aramonda Obirin". Remember Aramonda Okunrin in Ogboju Ode ninu Igbo Runmole? If you r a yoruba lady u might have come across it. He gets cold when it's hot and vice viser.

    #6. Just like u pple still call me girl at almost 30!!! Perhaps my low cut is to blame

    Is this my first time here? I dont think so

  15. Iyawo, jes shecking hon you. How you ham does?


  17. @mimi/anonymous gal- sleeping comes naturally to'll choose it over food sef when am hungry. God help me!

    @standtall- lol..i think have heard that phrase sure u are a fadeyi oloro fan...hehe

    @rinsola- i dey o...i know u dey use style to tell me to update u dey??

    @aijay- seen! thanks lol

    @ajike- chick i dey o..thanks for checking up...u nko??

  18. Can't say I was Fadayi Oloro's fan but I did enjoy arelu. I am sure you didnt read the book I ma referring to

  19. lol @ #1ure prolly gonna have twin gurls

  20. @standtall- lol..ok seems am mixing up all the yoruba actors and characters together...

    @sha- i hope so!!!

  21. Hmm.. that was real funny!
    Don't tell folks in naija you were daydreaming about husby and kids o. They will just take you for deliverance.
    Funny, I used to have imaginary friends as I grew up to, I remember shamelessly playing "ten-ten" with them while my elder ones screamed at me to shut-up.

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  23. Madam aloted u dey so?
    hope all is well?


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