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5 Jun 2012

Life & Warfare

With the recent unfortunate event in Lagos, Nigeria- dana plane crash, I have not really been myself. A former colleague of mine died in the plane crash and I know many people that know or worked with others who lost their lives. I pray the Sovereign Lord heals and comforts the families and friends of the departed. I am speechless indeed...

I don't want to rant about the incident or how "corrupt Nigeria" is or anything political. A number of bloggers are already doing that. I just want to use this time to reflect on my life. Will I be ready when my Savior comes or death comes....

A very good friend of mine, Zing, sent me a note he wrote and with his permission I am sharing with you guys. I was going to post it up last week but it is even more apt than ever with this recent plane crash. It is a bit long so I will break it into two parts. I pray you are blessed as you read.

My Dear Friends,
I often remember the sad and painful moment of my life in July 1995 when I lost my dad whom I dearly loved to a car accident in the Nigerian capital, Abuja . Two of my hostel mates at the university had come to give their condolences to my family and I. Very sadly, on their way back to the university that Sunday; they had an accident and were confirmed dead by the time the paramedic reached the spot of the accident. I was just in my first year, and though quite young, been an adult so quickly was not in my plan as I was only learning to shed my juvenile ways by learning more of God. It was the worst moment ever I can readily remember and an experience of my life which was difficult to push aside. I felt like fading away into thin air, sometimes acting suicidal. Every word of solace and kindness just seemed to go in through one ear and then exit the other. My dad was my best friend and one of the boys that had died was a namesake and close confidant as well. Life did not just make any sense at all and I felt my faith in God had betrayed me. Some friends and family, I always had faith in were suddenly no where to be found. “…is this life?” I’d often ask myself. Yes, indeed it was life. It was my Life and Warfare!
Have you ever wondered like I sometimes do, asking the question “why is life sometimes so hard, that it makes it almost impossible to find a way around its challenges even when the will power to do so has been completely exhausted from inside you”. Many times situations arise in the life of an individual, some for which he or she may never have seen coming or neither comprehended its severity. Indeed, some of us may be experiencing long dragging health issues, some a difficulty in sorting out finances and neck ridden debts, for some it’s the loss of a darling close relative or friend at a very prime age for which others would loathe about cruelly, for some it is prevailing unpleasant circumstances at work, while for others it may be relationship or violent marital situation they just cant figure out. The list is unending and only you as an individual can tell what end of the spectrum your unpalatable challenge lies.

What makes this experience even more challenging for a number of us is the fact that we may have given our lives over to Christ with the expectation of having a more meaningful life in exchange; a life filled with limitless blessings and peace of mind that the world can never comprehend from a distance. Hmm…I know that feeling and you are not alone! Time and time again, the harshness of life is a burden we all have had to bare and at such crucial moments, the test of our faith in God's love can never be underestimated. Weird sad pictures roam our minds, and mind probing questions flood our thoughts as we begin to question the value of what it really is being Christians in the first place.
The words of solace and exhortation from Christian brethren may sometimes not suffice in the bid of getting us encouraged; rather there are situations where it may have even done more damage to the state of the mind, however innocently it may have been done. I recall that when I returned back to my room at the hostel off-campus, a number of fellowship and church members came visiting me in a bid of encouraging me. Shortly after they left, I heard several conversations going on behind my door, one of which I particularly found distasteful and unpleasant. One of the brothers who popped in to say hello way saying to another that he was very thankful that he had not embarked on a journey to visit my family when I lost my father, otherwise he would have also died. At that moment, every message of kindness and words of encouragement passed to me seemed like water in a basket. It weakened my love for God and the fellowship. Little did I know, this was Satan and he was waging a war and he meant to finish it and finish me at all cost.
With no pretense and staying factual, moments as this can be very overwhelming; sometimes finding yourself loose taste of keeping the faith and keeping track of who you truly are in God. After all, we are still human.
But years later, there was a twist to these events in my life when I took to reading what Gods’ word concerning my situation and the unbearable and emotional wreckage I had become. From the bible’s perspective, I had come to a better understanding of the fact that though I am human and a physical being, I may not have been vigilant in the spirit.1 Peter 5:8 says “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour” KJV.  Satan was out to destroy me and would pursue it to any level and anywhere, no matter what it cost and no matter whom he had to take away from me to achieve this. 2 Corinthians 10:4 says - “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.” KJV. The battle in my life was now a notch higher than the physical as I could comprehend from bible. This was a spiritual warfare and there was no way I could let the enemy take all that meant so much to me in Jesus Christ away.
Satan would do anything to make a mockery of your relationship with God. He did it with Job despite his consistent perseverance in the God’s presence. He said in Job 3: 25 “For the thing which I greatly feared has come upon me and that which I was afraid of has come unto me.” Praying for his family and himself would not deter the devil from levelling accusations against him and attempting to wreck every good thing in his life, even his health. Remember, he was a noble man and the bible did not record any wrong doing of Job prior to his horrible travail. I know what you are thinking….”yes I have been here before, just like Job was”, and that can be very true.
Friends, without a shadow of doubt, our warfare are not carnal but spiritual. We need to understand that every one of us has a God given purpose in life and the enemy will seek out ways at destroying our destiny. But these are four things I have practiced and for which I am confident to let you know worked so well for me at overcoming life’s’ warfare. I am happy to share these with you and you may apply them as well;

To be continued.......

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  1. thanks a lot for this. i lost a friend in the crash!

  2. Can only pray for Gods comfort as we all mourn.thanks for sharing .

  3. The fickleness of life...

  4. Now, this brings tears to my eyes. Life! So fleeting, yet we hold on so tightly to it. May God help us all.


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