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29 Sep 2011

Blowing My Trumpet

The other day Nolimit and I were talking about how it is very very easy to find negative things to say about ourselves yet difficult to find positive things to say. Society has taught us to focus on the negative and not to blow our trumpets. Some times when people pay me comlipments I would think they want to get someting from me with no hidden agenda! It was hard to believe they actually meant those things.  I would even say something negative to make them change their mind about that good thing! Nowadays I am learning to say thank you and move on.

We need to credit ourselves more and know that we are full of "good stuff". Wonderfully made with talents by God!

Anyway back to Nolimit She came up with an idea- she was going to blog about 10 things she was proud of about herself. You know, ten positive things about Nolimit. I thought it was brilliant idea and decided I was going to do same. I don't know if she has done it yet but I look forward to reading about Nolimit blowing Nolimit's trumpet. hehe

So here I am about to put myself out there.  No "but this or but that",  just 100% positive content. Honestly, you don't have to agree with me on any of the points but this is Aloted blowing Aloted's trumpet in the most positive way ever!  :)

1) I am a very good cook. I actually find cooking therapeutic. I paticularly love cooking jollof rice, fried rice, any type of rice really and efo elegusi and I have been told they are t'oh bad (GOOD). I have also been picking up some new recipes from 9jaFoodie.

2) If I need any information about anything I will find it. I love researching and finding out new things. I have had a number of people ask for my help when they need information about something and 99% of the time I get the information they need.

3) I am very determined and result oriented. When I put my mind to something or set a goal I always achieve it by God's grace

4) I know how to manage money. Infact I am the financial secretary of the Aloted household.

5) I have great organisational skills. I am very good at organising events, trips, meetings. I get commended at work for organising my meetings and workshops efficiently.

6) I consider myself a loyal friend.

7) I am excellent with using Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Visio and Powerpoint. I self taught myself and always find a way round any problems on these application.

8) I think I have something called Practical Intelligence, which according to Robert Sternberg is "the ability to adapt to everyday life by drawing on existing knowledge and skills. Practical intelligence enables an individual to understand what needs to be done in a specific setting and then do it." This has helped me a number of time at work especially when I have no understanding of the project. This  also helped me during my Msc in Operational Research, where for more than half of the time I was very clueless on the subjects but I managed to pass all my exams.

9) I look way younger than my age. I used to find this very annoying before especially when some people try to take advantage of me but now I find it rather amusing and will even find it more appealing when I turn 40 and look 25 30 ;)

10) My eyes are probably my best physical feature. Chinese looking eyes (yes o!). Princess inherited them from me which makes her an absolute cutie. lol

Phew, this was actually harder than I thought. I had to thinkkkk. lol. Negatives thoughts kept coming but I make sure I edited and re-edited just to keep it all positive yet truthful.

Ok so now it is your turn ( you knew this was coming, didnt you??). If you enjoyed reading my 10 positive points above, then go on over to your blog and blow your trumpet.  Please let me know when you do so I can go read. I will tag a few people if nobody conforms o.

Much love,

photo credits- google images.


  1. Yay you! I'm up for positive affirmations and all that good stuff. Nigerians don't know how to do that because it's not part of our culture. I might do this when i have time.

    Love the chinese eyes bit.

  2.'re right. It is hard to blow one's trumpet after years of being told to keep your head down and all that. I'll try to do this.

    Your list is great BTW, and yeah your eyes are really lovely, and your whole face too.

  3. awwwwwwww aloted, how are u?
    lol @efo elegusi and I have been told they are t'oh bad....

    ***i also enjoy making fried rice and jollofrice as well as efo elegusi.

  4. @Madame Sting- Yes you should try it out when u take a break from the books :)

    @Myne- aww now I am really blushing. Just got the Myne Whitman endorsement ;)
    BTW I send you an email, did you get it, pls?

    @downtheaisle- abi o..t'oh bad!
    lol. i am good o..

  5. Totally agree with your list! No 8 yen o ye mi sa o...LOL
    You rock my friend! So many good things about you...

  6. I totally love your list!
    Seeing that I've been put on the spot...I shall put mine up (on my scout's honour).
    Now I know why you rawk so much!
    Number2 is my favourite...researcher toh bahd!!!

  7. Oh great! I can't wait to come and visit and have my stomach full of yumminess!

    Your eyes ARE lovely!

  8. LOVE this post!
    I totally agree with you.. Self-appreciation is a very good trait to have.
    Funny enough, there were many things you mentioned that I could identify with! + I add my name to the self-invitation to yours for some jollof/fried/coconut/braised rice with efo elegusi filled day :-) xx

  9. @writefreak- thanks. Ask your hubby he will explain number 8 to you ;)

    @Nolimit- going to check your blog now to see if you have done it. and i am going to tag a few people too.

    @GNG- thanks dearie

    @1 + the one- Aww thanks girl.. i would have to throw a party at this rate o. hehehe

  10. I so love this!
    You are too much! o ti lo wa ju!

    I'd always envied you for number 9, sincerely, the combination of your 1 - 10 things makes you a very fantastic person
    And I agree with 1 +the one....on self appreciation

  11. Beeet Aloted, wetin I take do you nah? LOL. Kini mo se fun e wey you do me bad like dis? Issorai, I will give it a shot, because nah u.

  12. Interesting list! I particularly liked #6. That is a great plus to your friends.

    Stay blessed!

  13. Thanks for tagging me babe. I've finally done the post, and I had a really good feeling when I finished. There are so many great things about me! I should celebrate my awesomeness more often ;)

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