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20 Sep 2011

I have a new best friend- on blogville!

Most of you already know I have been natural for the past 3 years. If you don't then you can read all about that here.  Recently I have set hair/skin goals for myself and one of them is to use more natural homemade products on my hair/skin. As a result I have been doing a lot of research online about natural oils, how to make my own hair and skin conditioners, spritz, moisturisers etc. Not only is it ultimately cheaper, it is safer and healthier for me and princess.

The good thing about having a daughter is that she can be your guinea pig test subject. When I mix up my deep conditioners, I try it out on princess. Don’t worry I try it out as well (I can see all you defender of princess). The other day I mixed up coconut oil and honey to do a deep conditioner, I let it sit in hot water for 1 mins, put it on our hair , wrapped hair in cling firm for 20 mins, washed it off and then shampooed. Viola! Our hair came out really really soft and moisturised.

Ok I have digressed o as this isn’t the essence of this post. So yes from my research I discovered Natural Nigerian’s blog. Gosh, her blog is so informative and educative. I just learnt how to cleanse my face with the oil cleaning method (OCM) from her blog! OCM is amazing. The thing that also trips me is that she has a daughter as well so another opportunity to learn more stuff from her on how to take care of Princess' hair.

I have already told her on her blog she is my new blogville best friend but thought let me better shout it out on my blog as well, so she knows I am for real. Let the stalking friendship begin! :).

Natural Nigerian- thank you for taking time to blog and educate other Naturals about how to take care of their hair using your experience.

PS1- I think her tips can also work for team relaxed :D

PS2- I might share some of my natural hair goals and what I am doing with y'all later on.

God bless!


  1. Yay! I should check the site out (I remember adding the blog on the Nigerian Blog Awards site).

    My mom has been natural for decades now, though she keeps her hair in braids. When we went to Nigeria last year she relaxed her hair for the first time before braiding it, and when the braids came out she lost a lot of hair. She ended up cutting her hair really short and she's been treating it with some more natural products to encourage growth and so far, so good. I'll have to recommend the Natural Nigerian blog to her!

    I love the idea of you and princess using the same homemade products on your're preparing her for future "mommy and me" pedicures, manicures and other beauty excursions!

  2. Yeah i couldnt help but notice a lot of hair blogs have cropped up on blogsville. Im following two of them, cuz i cut my hair some months ago and im going natural.

    Princess must be a big girl now. How about writefreak, has she forsaken blogsville for full time

  3. Will definitely check out her blog. I need to become less afraid of my hair, plus with having a girl I am going to have to learn how to manage natural hair again!

  4. wow,I'm team relaxed oh,though I was natural for a while sha, now following,please do check out my blog, congrats on your new best friend

  5. @GNG- was it you that pressured your mum to relax her hair? en en? lol..just kidding.. i am sure she will like NN's blog.
    yes ooo..Princess and I will have lots of mother and daughter bonding sessions...:)

    @sugarcoated-Princess will be 2 next month. Time flies. Hmm writefreak , dunno when she is coming back to blogsville o.
    I see you have changed your name, was wondering who it was initially :)

    @chichi- woo hoo. girls are the best!

    @gretel- i think the natural products will apply to team relaxed as well :). Going off to check ur blog. thanks for following.

    @rethots- lol. hi bros! long time.. are you back to blogging??

  6. You sound so excited. Thanks for telling me about Natural Nigerian. Her blog has now been bookmarked and pinned. She will be stalked by the silent blogger (me).

    I went natural about 3 years ago too - 2008 although my natural activism has now taken a new turn.... the way I wear my hair a lot of times its as if I am waiting for someone to say - wont you "do" your hair? so that all hell can let loose! lol

    Watching all your "guinea pig" moves on my princess oh!

  7. I am so stoked! I have been AWOL for a few days and what a pleasant surprise it is to come online and see this post. Thank you so much for the shout out!

    You should definitely share some of your own natural hair goals and tips. Learning from each other is what is all about.

    Thank you everyone!

  8. im new here. I will come again. Nice blog

  9. I wish I can go natural, i remember making my hair during my growing up days used to be war cus my hair is soooo tough

    Nice blog...I'm new here and following

  10. @EsteribyEnii- my naturale in crime! abi in what can I call you. lol..
    Princess is alright jo!

    @NN- thanks for stopping by my blog o. You are right learning for each other helps!

    @Me4 Comm- thanks for stopping by. will check out ur blog.

    @dayor- e ya! my hair is naturally soft so that helps. though i know a few people with "strong" hair that are natural now. Will check out ur blog. Thanks for stopping by


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