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18 Nov 2009

Gone too long...(Another Milestone!)

How are you all doing? Fine I believe. Did you miss me? Me, I missed you guys o. Thanks to those who checked up on me via email, facebook, blogger comment page. I appreciate it. God bless you.

I have been gone too long I don't even know where to start from. Ok let me start by sharing my wonderful news which a few bloggers know about already. It is weird because I keep saying my blog is not a personal blog per se but an inspirational one. However I feel I owe it to you guys (my blogville family) to share my good news and the Lord's doing in my life, like when I got married.

Ok enough of the suspense.
About a month ago, I gave birth to my adorable princess. She is such a delight and keeps amazing me everyday. My pregnancy experience was amazing apart from the first 3 months of morning sickness. The labour experience was out of this world. I am sure other blogger mamas can testify that it is like going through the valley of death but totally worth it when you see your bundle of joy. I thank God for safe uncomplicated delivery. Baba God is ever faithful. He is too much!

I pray for bloggers known and unknown who:

- are currently pregnant that God will give them supernatural childbirth. Mother and Child(ren) and even daddy will come out of the experience alive and well.

- are waiting on God for the fruit of the womb. Children are the heritage of the Lord and it is HIS will for us to multiply and dominate the earth. Blessed is the fruit of your bodies in Jesus name!

So you might ask how does it feel to be a mummy? LOL, well I am just enjoying the ride as each day comes with different experiences. I am taking each day at a time. Baale is excited to be a daddy and I can tell Princess will be a daddy's girl.

N.B- Hopefully I will continue with my celebrity series very very soon.


  1. Congratulations, mama!

    May God provide everything you need to be excellent parents!

  2. wow!!! so u were pregnant...congratulations!!! its really a milestone!

  3. Congratulations sweetie!!!

    Love love love to the three of you...can you please ask Princess to let mummy go on gmail every now and again? ;)

  4. Also: a big AMEN to your prayers!!

  5. I feel funny saying congrats pls i need to see my goddaughter soon jare...
    Looking forward to seeing you both soon...

  6. Congrats on the baby!!! Glad to see you back!

  7. @Neffie- Mama right back at
    Amen and amen!!!!

    @downtheaisle- yes so i see am..thanks dear :)

    @GNG- Thanks dear! Princess gave me your message...I will come online soonest...miss ya!!!

    @writefreak- I know ya! Ma worry u go see her God's grace.

    @Ms.O- many thanks o! Doing my blogroll so will stop by yours soon..

  8. Congratulations ooo, I was thinking that was you. I saw your comment and with this post, I think I can put two and two together.

    All the best of God's protection and provision to you and your family.

  9. U r a mommy :)
    What our princess' name?

    do we get to see a cutie photo?
    * i am pusjing it rnt i?*

    Congrats again.

    God's blessings

  10. wow! welcome back. congrats and wishing both you and the baby well

  11. awwwww congrats!

  12. Awwwwww!!!!!


  13. welcomes back... !
    missed u plenty..

  14. Congrats!!! God bless u and ur bundle of joy and daddy of course!!!keep us updated on all the baby news!

  15. @Myne- teehee! :D
    Thanks for your prayer!

    @Chayoma- yes o..Aloted is a mummy am i allowed to mention her name here sha...let me confer with her godmommy Writefreak :D

    Picture..hmmmmm..dunno ooo..lets see sha... and yes u r pushing it...hehehe

    @HYAW- Many many thanks

    @Anonymous- thanks

    @~Sirus~- thanks!!!

    @siemone- missed u too dear!

    @Arewa- thanks dearie...hope u good..

  16. Ahn ahn u sabi keep secret o! Congratulations!!!

    *sigh* that labour experience scares me o,Dear Lord see me thru it when my time comes.

    She is def. gonna be a Daddy's sure ur joy knows no bounds. Congrats once again!

    Hpe u've been eating peppersoup o, they say it helps ease the healing.

    God bless!

  17. Welcome back to Blogville my dear! Congrats on the arrival of your little princess, she's a real gem! I'm proud to say I met her before Writefreak (hehe)! I'm sure you and Baale are getting the hang of parenthood and loving every single minute of it. God bless x

  18. Congrats and welcome back

  19. Congrats!
    Mighty Glad for you.
    Shouts of joy and rejoicing would always be heard in your household
    I say a big Amen to your prayers
    Our regards to Baale and Princess

    Ma binu si mi..........please

  20. WHAO! Congratulations!

    You are now a Mama!

    May your Princess bring you and your Baale the best of the best! She is a blessing to your family! You have all you need to bring her up the right way. Your Princess will be the best amongst her peers!

    Ku ewu omo!

  21. @Undercover07- No mind me wan surprise all of una ;-)
    Omo labour!!! Hmmm..i cannout shout ooo. The Lord will surely see u thru.
    Ehn hen i didnt know about the peppersoup runs o...i go try it out..

    @FG- hehehe. Thanks dearie...let Writefreak catch

    @ShonaVixen- Thanks I appreciate

    @Olufunke- Thanks o...
    Do u even know why I am vexing for u?

    @Dee- Yes o..i have joined u ooo... Amen and amen to your prayers! God bless

  22. Big congratulations and welcome to a journey of a lifetime..

    the birth experience.**wink**..we bless the Lord for His abundant mercies and i say Amen to all your prayer points.

    And may you delight in the life and times of ur princess all the days of her life bcos her ways shall please the Lord.

    Enjoy the experience

  23. It's like you have come back to blogging full force :-)

    Congrats dear and welcome back...pls send a kiss to your adorable princess for me.

  24. awww congratulations!!!! your very own baby to cuddle and make goo goo ga ga noises at and munch on tiny hands and inhale that delightful baby smell and cuddle that tiny sofness....the joy tiny people bring!!! biko a kiss on that precious head from TheIceQueen! and may her lot in life forever be the best of the best..oya shout AMEN!!!

    look forward to your more regular updates...esp as pikin dem fit give pesin inspiration ehn!!!

    u know what they say about 1st child...been a girl.. plenty money coming ur way.....
    true story oooo

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    sorry off topic

  27. Wow! i never knew you were married! No wonder your blogging has this responsible feel about it.

    And congrats on your babygirl!!
    I never knew you were pregnant!
    Anyway sha...God that gave you that baby will provide everything you need for her...and that includes total protection from the enemy, anybody who doesnt want her progress will die for her sake!

    Congratulations sister!
    I now understand why you have been scarce.
    We have missed you no be small.
    Stay blessed!

  28. @histreasure- many many thanks for your best wishes and prayers. I will keep enjoying the experience :)

    @Rita- yes seems i am back ooo...I will kiss princess for you.

    @icequeen- be like say you are an expert with babies! all what you stated is what i do..cuddling, inhaling her smell, touching her soft
    I am shouting AMEN ooo...

    @mystoriesmytestimonies- thank u oo...ehn hen is that so? in fact even if it is not true..princess has brought wealth to our lives...:)

    @Doja 2.0- na real off topic be this your comment

    @Afronuts- haba you cannot blame me for not knowing i was married. I am always talking about my
    You can blame me for not knowing i was pregnant because i didn't mention till
    Thanks for your prayers
    I hope ur wifey and baby are doing well.

  29. May God support you. thanks for the post

  30. @Afronuts- ehn hen forgot to ask what does responsible feel mean o? LOL...does it mean if i were single i won't have that "feel". Oya bros come and explain :D

    @m1ke- Amen and amen!!! thanks

  31. Congratulations! May she grow in grace and strength and beauty before God and man, AMEN!

  32. should I be saying congrats too? lol!!!
    Welldone gal!!!

  33. "Children are a blessing from Jehovah ...". They're also hard work. Congratulations!


    thanx for sharing your journey with us!!
    I pray the she will be a blessing to you and your husband!!

  35. mummy Princess, she is so cute! Congratulations to yo uand hubby!

  36. congraaaaaaaaaaaattttttttSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! had no idea you were pregnant self

  37. Congratulations dearie!
    This is such sweet news!

  38. Aloted!!! Ahh, I am thankful to hear this excellent news oh! Congratulatement to you and the family!! May this beautiful flower bring nothing but happiness, laughter, satisfaction and constant wonderment to not only your family, but everyone with the good fortune to come in contact with her. Amen.

    Thank God you had a safe delivery with no complications. I'm so sorry I am just stopping here to catch this wonderful announcement. Abeg, kiss the little Princess and greet your hubby oh! Wow, this is great news to start the day with. yay!!!!

  39. @olaoluwatomi- many thanks..amen and amen... I like your name :)

    @Nolimit- Naaa...!!! Ose jare!

    @David C Brown- I see you are talking from experience!!!

    @Tintin- awww. thanks a lot..I appreciate your prayers

    @Standtall- thanks :D

    @Doll- thanks dearie...hope u good...

    @Enkay- yes real sweet news!!!

    @SSD- Amen and amen and amen!!!! Thank you! Like i said on ur blog..i shall be coming for tips o...cuz i need am!!! :D

  40. Congrats dear, olorun a wo.

  41. wow. congratulations darling. enjoy motherhood and save us some stories.

  42. Awwww...congrats crossed my mind a few times during your hiatus...glad to hear you are doing just fine. God rocks!

  43. Congrats, congrats, congrats.
    Dont mean to be a 'show-spoiler' but watch out for the colic though

  44. Congrats Dear! Welcome back.......

  45. Happy New Year! Hugs and kisses to Princesses.

  46. My son is 8 months and 1 week old. Yesterday he walked by holding on to his push walker. It was only a few steps but it was something.

  47. Awwww congrats to you lady! Happy New year. I pray for good health to the baby and to your family! God bless

  48. My congratulatory message is pretty late but nothing spoil. I've become an occasional blogger lately, a status i hope to change this year. I'm so happy for you and i'm glad to have a new niece. lol. May God protect you and the little one and the entire family. Amen. Congratulations. Happy New Year.

  49. . . . but sha you sabi keep secret o, Aunty. You and Writefreak. I bet most peeps here never even knew you were pregnant. . . anyways how's my little niece doing today. Photos won't be a bad idea sha o. . . can't wait. Takia

  50. Happy New Year....

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  55. awwwwwwww! A li'l Princess! congratulations! im sooo sooo happy for you and Baale. Wishing you the very best. Do upload a picture pleeeeeeease :)

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