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7 Jul 2009

Aloted goes to Maryland!

My peeps, I hope you are all doing well? Many thanks for all your wonderful comments on my last post. I am glad we all agree that both men and women are intelligent. We are all created by the same God, equal yet with different purposes.

So a few weeks ago, I went to Maryland, not the one in Lagos o…na the one in the US of A… lol. I thank God for journey mercies. I was there for 10 days and I had a wonderful time. I stayed with Baale's sister and her family. They were such wonderful hosts. Midnight crew visited their church and I got to see the singers live and direct!

So I met up with Nefertiti, it was as if we had known each other for years (though we usually chat online). We clicked like bread and butter (can’t think of anything She took me round town and I had loads of fun with her. I got to meet her husband and beautiful daughter and they are both just wonderful. Thankfully, her alter ego did not show face (maybe once Neffie, thank u for such a blast. By God's grace, I shall retaliate when you come to the U.K

Guess who else I hooked up with- Vera and Bumight!!! Yes I must confess I was a bit reluctant to call Vera initially cuz we all know how popular our Vera is and I didn’t want to be on a queue waiting to talk to her. Anyway I "gathered" liver and called her up. She was so delightful on the phone. But u can guess now, like I thought, I had to hold on for a few minutes because another blogger was also calling her at the same time! LOL…I thought that was hilarious…

Anyhoo, so Vera suggested we meet up with Neffie and Bumight. It was a good thing Bumight had finished her exams then so she could come. We went to see a movie- Terminator Salvation. The gals made fun of me afterwards, because I kept on saying I wanted to see an action movie but in the cinema I was cringing during every “action” scene. Kai, that movie had too much action! After the movie which ended around 12 midnight, we hung out and gisted like old friends till about 2.30a.m! If not that I had to go home, you know as per JJC in town, who knows we might have hung out till 5a.m. Fun times!

I met up with another friend, we went to uni together and it was great seeing her. I got to call family members and a lot of other friends in the states as well. I also spoke with Good Nigerian Girl. I was the first to call her on her birthday. Yippee! LOL. I was also meant to hook up with Abbie, remember her, winner of the last blogsville idol (she hasn't blogged in ages sef) but unfortunately that did not happen. Hopefully, next time.

Overall my trip was fun however I left with a nasty cold & cough. I had to call in sick in the office when I got back. What a way to end a wonderful holiday. On the whole, I thank God I had a nice time.

I surely missed u guys and I am glad to be back. I have had blogger's block for a while now so thought I might as well gist you about my trip and hope that my blogger mojo comes back soonest!

Oh before I forget this is my 95th post (i think) so that means my 100th post is just around the corner...yippee!!! I was going to do the standard you guys get to ask me any question, but when I saw how you people bombarded Writefreak & NoLimit with powerful questions, fear catch So I have proactively chickened out and will think of something different. Hopefully will come up with a plan by my next post ;)

God bless!


  1. ahhh i am o...on tis oh so popular blog...whoo hooo!

  2. dat is soooo super cool...for some reason everytime im in maryland...almost every nigerian girl i see..something says "gee that might just be solomonsydelle or vera"..LOL...dat must have been soo cool...meeting up with bloggers..!

  3. Enjoyment babe...welcome back...on ur 100th post, whether u ask for it or not, we will ask you questions :-)

  4. Gee- LOL..yes o u are first..but i didnt think my blog was that

    Yes its cool meeting up with bloggers

    Rita- LOL..abeg ooo i take God beg questions :D How u doing girl..been a while we chatted oooo

  5. Vacation? Lucky you!
    I've never met a fellow blogger before, bet u had fun. Hope u r feeling better now. Oh and 95 posts is no joke...congrats!x

  6. ...I'm jealous oo...getting to meet so many too I

    Glad u had a nice vacation! Hpe ur cold is gone...welcome back!

  7. I am envious o! Glad you had fun. Hope the cold has gone.

  8. I sure want to meet these gurls, you beat me to it! You couldnt meet with Abbie? O ma se o, she has stopped blogging though.

    Glad you enjoyed your trip. I will be able to see Tigress in Chicago I think

  9. Lol @ celeb Vera. You are balling o! You sound well, you always do. Hope you are good!

  10. THis is so cool. So you were around my ways. I wanted to attend the midnight crew concert @ bowie, however i went out of town that weekend. I could have gotten your autograph. lol

  11. ur vacation sounded cool, but I'm jealous o!, u had all of that fun on ur vacation!I can see u enjoyed ur holiday.

    and lol@vera's celeb status.

  12. glad you had fun my friend....and better to learn from the people who have gone before
    the question and answer thingy wasn't so bad though! i suggest you do something else sa as that might take you a million years...*poking my tongue out at you*

  13. Arewa- hi girl...i have met quiet a few bloggers...i think i kinda choose who i want to meet...i sure would like to meet u ;)

    yes o 95 posts no be joke oooo...thanks!

    UnderCover07- thanks for stopping by. Thankfully the cold has gone..

    LusciousRon- Yes the cold has gone..thanks a lot.

    Standtall- Yes o i beat u to i was really looking forward to meeting Abbie.
    Good to know u might hook up with Tigeress. Have loads of fun in Chicago

    Brown Sugar-Yes o..Vera na real
    Thanks am doing well? Se u dey kampe??

    Ifeoluwa- u know what I look like ni?? How would u have found me in that big crowd :)

    downtheaisle-eyah dont be jealous

    Writefreak- u r might take me forever to answer the

  14. i was wondering where you were!
    Nice to have you back.
    I just have to say awwwww @ entire blogville. Everyone is so cute, lol, meeting up with each other. spreading the love!
    Im glad you had a great time.

  15. See enjoyment, I am envious o!
    Welcome back, we don miss you too.
    It sounds more like 'Aloted in wonderland'
    You sure had a nice time , plus you met some bloggers..... abeg give us expo on how they look like, even the celeb Vera ( I hope they did not make you swear to an oath secrecy).

    Congrats in advance on your 100th post, why dont you just declare a party for us ...e-food, e drinks etc, but after that we go still ask you questions o!
    Nice one

  16. Nice one..... Lots of hooking up achieved then.. Hopefully you also got some rest time in too...

  17. thats so nice........glad u had fun!

  18. Babe!!!!!!

    How body na....!!! Twas sooooooo cool meeting you oh. Don't mind all these yeye people asking for pictures and descriptions. We have been sworn to secrecy.

    I'm looking forward to coming to the U.K, so we can redo what we did. Sitting out there and gisting was soooooo cool. LOL @ celeb Vera. Babe, you're misyarning oo! LOL. And that blogger calling @ the same time was just a coincidence!

    Where is Neffie sef? I lost my blog roll. Will be changing my template again in a few days, so I'll put your link up then.

  19. That is what I call - ENJOYMENT!

    You sure did have fun!

    Welcome back dearie.
    I support Olufunke - throw us an e-party!

    or, you can do what GNG did and have us participate in some kind of competition for all sorts of prizes.
    Might be stressful but fun!

  20. Hmmm Babe this is tew much enjoyment for one person o!
    Glad you had fun!!!
    I still haven't answered the questions I was asked come to think of it...your question was one of the very "telling" ones!
    Well we will ask you questions too!!!
    Well come back and I pray you get your blogging mojo back(amen!!!)

  21. You are too much...I just love the fact that you are taking your relationship with fellow bloggers beyond the cyber-world. You definitely will be an interesting person to meet. And I also admire the fact that you made an effort to meet each one of them half.
    Anyways, enough of the same talk…I am doing great and nice to read that you had fun in the U.S. Please come again…

  22. See enjoyment o! Very nice. :-D

  23. Adaeze- thanks dear. yes o blogville is too much...

    Olufunke- thanks my sister. Na real Aloted in
    Ah i cant give expo o...cuz u know naa..all i can say is all the ladies are beautiful and funloving :)

    I should declare e-party abi...hmm make i think am well. no questions ooo :D

    akaBagucci- Yes o...I rested as well, thank God for that!

    Tigeress- abi naa. thanks!

    Vera- Babest! lol...Yes o...we have all been sworn to secrecy ;-)

    U r right, a repeat of that night will not be bad at all! That was too much of a conincidence jo...i.e the other blogger calling @ same time ;-)

    Neffie dey o....i go tell her u asked after her.

  24. Enkay- Yes real ENJOYMENT :)
    Ah competition and gift..that wan na serious hard i dey think am

    Nolimit- O se jare. Can u see, u never answer your questions since 19-gogoro! Kai! Me i no want oooo...
    Amen to your prayer

    Kemi- thanks girl! Are u in the states? what sure it would be nice to meet up:)

    Original Mgbeke- Yes oooooooo :)

  25. so how come you didnt hook up with me, is it because I'm not from naija. Hmm, I'm waiting for an answer.
    ANyway, glad you had fun

  26. yup! twas fun hanging out and yes, you're sworn to secrecy - of course u can only mention my jessica alba like lips, beyonce body and sturves.., bt aside from that, the rest's secret! lol..and vera trying to toast me on my way to the car!

    i'd do it again in a heartbeat!

  27. you sure had fun

    please now lets ask you questions on your 100th post now pleaseeee

    how is Baale?

  28. LOL @ Bumight. You're mad!!!! So na like this you dey lie???? Me, Verastic Vera, I tried to toast you??? Weren't you the one BEGGING me to just give you a chance???

  29. wow..someone sure had fun!!

  30. Vera! vera!! Vera!!! u want me to reveal ur secret here on blogger abi?
    werent u the one that told aloted to help u beg me abi?
    and when we went to the movies, u used style to position urself so that u would sit beside me.
    should i tell everybody what happened at the movies? hmm....

  31. I'm so glad you had a blast in MD! One day we will meet, by God's grace!

    It was so great to speak with are such a cutie on the phone! And yup, you were officially the first one to wish me a happy birthday on my birthday...that is an accomplishment!

    Hope the blogging mojo has returned o...we need more posts from you!

  32. ah! Finally, I come this ur blog di week. It was cool sturves meeting u, Aloted. I'm so glad I didn't 'chicken' out :P

  33. Hey u guys must have had fun. I remember when we had a bloggers dinner date in London 2 years ago. We were about 10. Twas fun.

  34. Sweetnothin'- sweetie, didnt even know u were in maryland or that u aint nigerian for that we get to hook up next time :)

    bumight- LWKMD..u r too much!

    darkeclee- ah pls now dont beg me,..hehe

    Baale is fine ooo, thanks for asking

    Vera- you and bumight should take this offline...LOL

    Leggy- yes fun fun..all da way

    GNG- aww thanks dearie...

    yes o..either i come to canada or u come to the uk..or we meet half way?? where would half way be though??

    thought u were going to give me ideas on what to do re my 100th post

    Neffie- i am also glad u didnt chicken out ;o)

    temmy tayo-wow...we should have a dinner date in london o...who go organise am now. maybe afrobabe

  35. I so have to meet up some bloggers in real life.

    Feeling a lil bit jealous.

  36. i am completely and utterly jealous!


  37. ahwww how nice
    it's obvious u had loads of fun

  38. sounds like u had tons of fun. very u dey? been a while i stopped by here.

  39. ve bin a covert reader of ur blog. now am about to start my own blog so I hope u read mine too.
    lovely post. u sure did have lots of fun.

  40. Thank goodness u were all ladies catching the fun otherwise i would have gone jealous

  41. Hmmm, 95th post . . . that's a long shot, Aunty. Sounds like turning 95 years. lol. Looking forward to the 100th. I bet you had a wonderful time in Maryland. Next time, promise to take your nephew with you. Promise? lol

  42. I heard about this blogger meet up in Maryland, lol! Hope all is well, my sista.


  43. am so jealous...i need to meet bloggers too

  44. welcome back...glad you had fun

  45. ...and she went.

  46. I need to know the time the tide goes out in accokeek maryland?

  47. Wonder that such one exists .. [url=]Nice.[/url]

    just a bit help one more and i get pics unlocked

  48. I havent seen any of the previous terminator does this mean i will not be able to understand the story of terminator salvation?


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