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9 Dec 2008

Ten things Tuesday (09)

Hello my peeps, Sorry I went AWOL. I am back now. Bringing to you another Ten things tuesday. You can check my last list here

1. I am thankful to bloggers who checked up on me. Number 2 will explain what happened to me :)

2. Was in Naija, the past 10 days. Had fun, enjoyed the sunshine. So sorry I didn’t say…it was kind of impromptu and a very short visit so couldn’t catch up with any one, bloggers inclusive. I will plan better next time.

3. Was really good to see family: My parents, Parents inlaws, siblings inlaw, my older sibling and her beautiful daughter that looks like me, my grandma. Short trip but memorable

4. Had a safe uneventful trip going and coming. Sat beside some lady with a nasty attitude on my way to Naija, but thankfully the journey back was better. Sat beside some cute affable “half-caste” dude who is a DJ. As a married woman seriousily in love with her hubby, all I could commit was lookery lol (
Naijalines na you I dey follow o). We chit-chatted most of the journey, apart from when I was watching an inflight movie or sleeping.

5. I lost my phone in Naija at the Jade restaurant Lagos. The waiter kept insisting I didn’t leave it there (I was about to throw a tantrum) but thankfully it was found in the kitchen wrapped in the table cloth the waiter had cleared. Phew!

6. Today is
Writefreak’s 2nd wedding anniversary. I am thankful for her and her hubby.

7. This is the last month of the year. WOW, I am thankful to be alive, not by my power but by God’s grace.

8. I am thankful for blogville and the wonderful friends I have made here.

9. I am thankful for my hubby. He is the best.

10. Even though I couldn’t join the blog rally due to limited internet access in Naija- “I believe there is a GOD”, I am thankful that there is a GOD and that I believe in HIM. HIS loving
kindness is better than Life itself. Without HIM I am nothing. He took all that I was and made me all that I am today.

So what are you thankful for?


    I am soooo First AGAIN!!!
    first on Verastic's yesterday...
    First on GNG's Today...
    And now First on Aloted's
    And they're all my fav' bloggers!!!
    Men...this has got to mean something...Meeeeen I'm on a roll!!!
    And if care's not taken,I could 1st,2nd and 3rd on this blog too!!! Yeeehaaawwww!!!!

  2. Okay…just because I can (Obama style!)…and I am thankful too!!!
    I am posting my third comment…by the way welcome back Aloted!
    Won’t bother asking if you had a fab’ time ‘cos obviously you did!!!

  3. My darling NoLimit, I'm starting to think you don't sleep. Congrats on being first (and second, and third) on those blogs o: it's no easy feat!

    Welcome back, aloted babe! I'm so glad you've returned safely. Did you bring me some Tom Toms and other ijekuje? :)

  4. Hey, so nice to have you back, sorry about the phone incident but how else does one know they are back home??

    As for thankful Tuesday..... I'm thankful even though I am ill at the moment, I know for sure I will be made whole.

  5. I thank God for your life.

  6. NoLimit- You are just something else lol...but i like this your obama style o u dey..missed u!

    GNG- thanks o..i brought buttermint..prefer it to u go collect your share na?

    ~Sirus~- sad but true..for one second i thought the waiter stole it...i had to use my sister-in-laws phone to keep calling mine...and thank God it was not on silent.
    Eya..pele dear..I hope u feel much better soon.

    Olamild- awww that is so sweet of you :)

  7. im thankful u got back safely......
    stupid waiter....ole!!!

  8. Good to know u got back back in one piece....
    Guess one has to be thankful for life in the first instance... and then for the ppl God has brought to share the life.........

  9. Oh yeah! You are really back. Loved this ten things tuesday and how you mentioned Writefreak. It shows you are not only thankful for yourself. God bless you.

    Welcome back. Felt your absence. I'm sure we would have met if only....

  10. welcome back lady

    i am thankful that you are back safe and sound after an enjoyable and safe trip

    i am also thankful that i will be jetting of to nigeria next week for xmas

    awww...i love the fact that u say the baby (who must be beautiful) looks like u

  11. Awwww...I'm glad you had fun, missy. LOLLLL @ "Lookery." Eyahhh!!! LOL!

  12. wow..glad you had fun..u were always on ma mind particularly cos i came across the pareto principle in a course i'm currently taking..,i didn't need any elucidation on the topic..after all your are welcome back..ekabo ma..what did you take from nigeria..?//
    so..i'm thankful for all the wonderful people i have met on blogville...peace

  13. YOU WERE IN NAIJA WITHOUT SAYING?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Jade! One of my hangout places on V.I and Isaac John Street.

    Thank God for you...and thank God for his mercies.

    btw: I haven't written my Ten THings Tuesday in a while...i should bring that back alive

  14. Funms-the rebirth- thanks my sister. "Safely" is the key word.

    Danny Bagucci- Abi o...yah thats such a wonderful thing to be thankful for- life and the people we share it with.

    Rita- Thanks sweery. I missed u too o! Next time I come we have to hook up o.

    shubby doo- thanks dearie. ..
    have fun in Naija o. bring kulikuli and epa :D
    hehehe...its a good thing other people think she looks like me..even my sister's inlaws think so :) Cuteness is too much ;o)

    Jaycee- thanks a lot...abi o..Lookery indeed...hehehe..wats a married woman gonna do ;o)

    simeone- awww...i was touched when i read your comment. Am sure if they test u on pareto's law now, u will ace me proud bro!
    I wished i could take some sunshine back with me :)

    seye- my dear, i am so sorry...i will organise myself better next.
    Yes I thought Jade was a nice place till my phone got It is a nice place
    Yes o pls bring your ten things tuesday back to live.

  15. eheeeeeeeeeeeeeen so u sneaked in n sneaked out shebi??? i dey frown o :)
    glad u got back safely'
    *abt ur 40ne...dat waiter nids koboko


  16. Welcome back hon!!! I'm thankful for the friends that are in my life...and for all the blessings that come my way!!

  17. @least u got ur phone bak. nice 10 things tuesday, i shld count my blessings too, make me feel beta. how'v u been?

  18. I love love love love love Jade...the restaurant...Am I alone?

    Meanwhile don't mind all these women {there's always at least one} that like to front on the way back to people attitude {for whatever reason} up and down because they're coming from obodoyibo {sp?} Scheeeeeeeeew.....

    Anyway thank God that you had a safe trip there and back, glad you had fun aaaaaaaand yayy for all the God believers on blogger :)

  19. Grateful for life and every loved one and every good thing in it!!!!

    I'm jealous you were in Nigeria!!!! Sunshine!!!!!

  20. thank God on ur behalf for everything..

    lol @ u committing lookery!

    i thank God that i'll be in naija in a few days!

  21. You were in Naija?! I am so jealous now. Thank God for journey mercies.

    Lol, lookery

    So what did you bring from Nigeria, I am pining for groundnuts.

  22. LG- Lady Guide dearie abeg no vex for me..wat can i do to get that frown off your face?

    yes o..that waiter needs serious koboko!

    ShonaVixen- thanks! wat a wonderful thing to be thankful for- friends and blessings!

    rayo- yes o..that is why i am thankful. yes counting our blessings is GOOD and the Lord commanded that we should be thankful IN all things.
    Have been good..thanks for asking.

    Yewande- many thanks

  23. Lolia- yah I think Jade restaurant is a cool place...dunno if i love it after my phone

    abi o...i was wondering what was up with her, like they say in Yoruba: attitude is like a scent, you can't hide it.

    Abujamaiden- yes o the sunshine was too much! wished i could ve brought some back with me

    Buttercup- yippee, enjoy Naija o

    30+- yes o...wished i could stay longer sef.

    i brought GNUT i shld post/email some to you?

  24. U were in 9ja.

    I'm thankful for the lessons i have learnt this past week. God is indeed a teacher.

  25. im thankful for life and all the beautiful things that come with it.

    Wish we could have seen in naija.

    Good to have you back.

  26. I’m glad ‘Ten things Tuesday’s back. I guess I’m thankful to God for His favour. Oh yes I have been ‘much much much’ too favoured in recent times (especially when I don’t even deserve it) that I wonder if I’m God’s last born or something. I guess I’m thankful to the Most High for that. His protection is another thing to be thankful for, especially seeing me till this time of the year when many people, much better and righteous did not make it. I’m indeed thankful

  27. OluwaDee- yes dear I was.
    I agree..God is a good teacher

    For the love of me- i will organise myself better next time :)
    i am also thankful for life

    simeone- you are welcome, but what did i do :)

    gbengasile- yes God treats all of us specially. It's good to have HIS favor..cuz it opens doors.

  28. NoLimit is a menace to blogville.
    oh sis! I can't believe I haven't been here in what seems like forever!!!
    I am thankful for life!
    For has brought me so many good things!
    For a new friend!
    For old friends!
    For you!!!
    Thankful to my God of Sharp Sharp!!!

  29. I believe i can be what God says i will be.

  30. First time on your blog, I like it, very intersting and purposeful posts!
    I enjoyed reading your posts.
    Thank GOd for your life, and good to know you enjoyed trip to Naija.
    I am also making my list of things I am thankful for.
    and you're right.......without God, life is nothing, we are lost.
    I wish you and your family a blissfull holiday!!

  31. Woomie O!- omo ile u dey..
    Dont mind
    LOL..which one be God of sharp sharp again o...

    Allied- yes o! Preach it sister!

    Olufunke- thanks for stopping by and your compliment...will check out ur blog.

  32. Thank God you had a safe trip dear and for mentioning our anniversary in your post, you can't forget now, your signature is on my marriage love
    Sorry i'm just posting, you know how my internet has been...

    Thank God for everything!

  33. Welcome back.
    I am thankfful for people like you who makes blogging fun.

  34. Glad you had a wondeful time in Naija
    hope that wiater wasnt trying to steal your phone.
    Im thankful for being able to see another year pass by, it is truly a priviledge

  35. Wow! Have I missed this space! Eeyah, thanks for being very caring. You have a wonderful personality. God bless you.
    I thank God for SHILOH 2008 convention that just ended yesterday. I'm drenched in Heaven's Dew. I thank God for my 'pastor' Bishop Oyedepo and Pst. E. A. Adeboye.
    God has given me every reason to thank Him!

  36. writefreak- you know..i completely forgot my signature is on your marriage even thought about it..hehehe

    Debbie-aww thanks dear.

    MDM- i hope so too o...yes o it is a big priviledge to be alive and to see the end of 2008

    Brown Sugar-thanks dear. drenched in heaven's dew abi...i need some of that dew!
    God bless!

  37. You write so beautifully. I am thankful that I read your wonderful blog again. Rock On.


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