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29 Jul 2008

Ten things Tuesday (03)

Hi. I am back with another ten things tuesday. Here's a link to my last list.

Remember in all things give thanks!!!

  1. For wisdom and discernment this past week
  2. For safety & protection
  3. For all my friends who gave birth this past week- men loads of people are having babies.
  4. The UK visa embargo has been lifted in Nigeria! And my friend has now applied for her visa
  5. Was believing God for something last week but it didn’t go as I expected yet I still give thanks because I know it is for a reason
  6. I have launched my business!!! Going slowly but surely. Will update y’all with more details soonest besides I am looking for customers :D
  7. For summer...its so warm right now..I am loving it!
  8. For my wonderful loving husband
  9. My granduncle passed away at over 80! He lived a well fulfilled life.
  10. For all my blog friends. You are all just too much!!!!
What are you thankful for this week?

N.B- Just to let you know I have not forgotten about the assertiveness tips! Am just getting my materials & act together. Will post it soonest. Muah!


  1. i m thankful to God every...
    including 4 being 1sttttt on
    10 things tuesday yaaaaay!!!

    @ur business: not worry, God ll bombared u with 'beta' customers sotey, u go testify say LG talk am.

    cheers dear.
    njoy d rest of week

  2. Aww thanks LG...esp for the prayer and support...kedu!

  3. I'm thankin god for grantin my baby sis journey mercyyyy 4rm canada.
    Thankin him for the lack of rain in PH ystday wich allowed me go swimmin.
    Thanking him for the delicious suya i ate ystday.
    Thanking him for healin my 5 month old nephew from a weird fever dat wud have claimed his life.

    Thankin him for lettin me wake up once again dis morning!

  4. I have alot to be thankful for and i thank him for EVERYTHING!

    beautiful post. and thank u for thanking God for us.

    all the best with the new biz!

    i also thank God because i know u will remove this word verification thing cuz it messes with

  5. I thank God on your behalf for yur 10 Things Tuesday.. it is really great to be thankful. Congratulations on your business thing. Looking forward to hearing more about it.

    Take care and have a blessed week.

  6. Oh! After spending a while complaining about life to a friend yesterday, it's wonderful to come here and remember to give thanks always.

    I cannot wait to hear more about your business! Oya, spill the beans jo... :)

  7. It is so important to do this. It is not until one makes a conscious effort to count one's blessing do we realise just how much we have to be thankful for.

    I like your blog list. They show when there is an update. Is that a widget blogger provides?

    And aloted, I have not forgotten you tagged me. I have the post ready. I should put it up in a few.
    I just want to run around and amebo on other people's blogs first :)

  8. Am 10kful for I know he watches over me and he is thinking about me right now.

  9. WOW! Launched your business, great! You know I'm all into business. Just remember, don't despise small beginings. Pace yourself and don't get takes time. I'm glad you are being thankful...especially for your health and sound mind.

  10. @Mz. Dee- wow am thanking God with u!!!

    @smaragd- thanks a lot! lol..i will go and check out that word verification now now!

    @tolatino- girlie,thanks o..will surely keep u guys posted soonest.

    @GNG- thanks o! update coming up soonest!!

    @Inmyhead- welcome back! U have been gone long o...blogger has introduced a new widget. When u log into blogger you should see the details there..hopefully

    @oluwadee- am thanking God with u my sister

    @lady A- yes o..and thanks for the words of advice..i totally needed to hear that...

  11. thanks 4 dropn by, prec8 it. i'm thankful 4 so many thing, i dont even kno wir to start from...

  12. I'm thanking God with you! Congrats on starting your business, I pray that it goes from strength to strenght!
    I'm thankful for blogville that has given me a good friend like you :)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  13. thanks God for everything and yes thank God for the BHC!

  14. It's crazy to think of how blessed I am and how ungrateful I've been.
    I am thankful for a Kazillion things...I'd have to do 100 Things Everyday to keep up with God's blessing and your own version.
    Thank you...for have helped me stop to think.

    Lemme say here that I'm am thankful for Blogville...
    and to you for stopping by.

    Don't be a stranger.

    Be good and abound.

  15. All the best in ur business plan babes...

  16. Thanks for stopping by! This is a really good idea, it's always important to count your blessings :-)

  17. I'm thankful for finally finding time to catch up on my blog reading. lol

  18. aww...i thank God for all He did for u! congrats on ur new biz n u marriage..i wish u success in both!

    * i thank God for another month.
    * i thank God for my family n loved ones.
    * i thank God for EVERYTHING.

  19. I am so tripped by the No. 5 of the Ten things...that's the spirit. So happy about the things you are thankful for.

  20. @rayo- yes o.keep counting ur blessings

    @FG- thanks girl..i appreciate it :)

    @writefreak- yes o let us continue to give thanks

    @woomie o- u r welcome dearie...

    @afrobabe- thanks girl

    @ELANG- u r welcome :)

    @abbie- i am thankful for u as well

    @buttercup- yes o! Thank God!!!

    @Rita- thanks girl...:)

  21. I'm thankful to God for me and my family's good health and for meeting our needs.

    All the best in your business plans.

  22. Cannot thank you enough for the comment you left on my last post.
    You were prbably the only one who ACTUALLY read the post, no disrespect to the other commentators meant.
    Nowhere in the post did I imply that giving meant only material things. You will notice that Jill became upset when Jack refused to attend the friend's birthday and not because of the shoes she thought he didn't want to pay for.

  23. im thankful to God 4 life and the gift of the 5 senses, and bloggin

  24. hey you, sorry about the passing in the family, but God is indeed good. I am thankful for the air I breath and the bountiful blessings upon those in my life. God is good.

    Take care babe!

  25. Hi! Thanks so much for letting me know about the list, and for stopping by today! I hope you'll make a list for today, too!

    The 29th was the day that I was down for the count with illness! I didn't post a link for that week until the next week. I will add your link to the list!!!

    Congratulations on the launch of your new business! Prayers for you that it will be greatly successful!

    I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your granduncle, but it sounds like he was a happy man.

    Thanks again for stopping by!! Hope you're well!

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