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Have you made the most important decision of your life? Where will you spend Eternity? To make heaven is as simple as ABC- Accept you are a sinner, Believe that Jesus died for your sin and Confess HE is Lord.

15 Jul 2008

Ten things Tuesday (02)

Here's my second list of ten things to be thankful for this past week. You can find a link to my first list here
  1. Hubby and I celebrated our six months wedding anniversary on Saturday. It's been a wonderful ride so far!
  2. For protection against all evil
  3. Met up with a blogger friend, tolatino this last week. T'was really nice catching up and we talked some bit on what we have in common, wearing braces! I stopped wearing braces about 2 years ago, she wears them now.
  4. I am getting more confident and comfortable with my driving.
  5. My brother in law and his wife had a bouncing baby boy! I am so elated for them
  6. My new business idea is forming shape- will fill you in when it becomes a reality. Quite excited
  7. A good friend of mine got his American student visa
  8. For the British high commission in Nigeria going on strike or whatever. Was really upset about this cuz a friend was just about to drop her application for her British visa but couldn't cuz of this strike issue but I still thank God because am sure he knows why this is happening now. I pray they call off this thing soonest!!!!
  9. Healing over rashes on my neck and arm. I thought it came as a result of the hay fever drug the doctor prescribed but apparently he says it's another allergy. Whatever! The rashes are clearing up and I am so happy about that!
  10. For the joys of womanhood. Don't think I want to elaborate further but I am thankful that I am a woman.
So what are you thankful for?


  1. Hello! Welcome to "Ten Things Tuesday!" Happy 6-month wedding anniversary! Being married is pure bliss!! You had a wonderful list! Have a blessed week!

    ~ Amy

  2. Hi! Thanks for coming back for another visit! So glad to have you!!!

    Congratulations on your six month anniversary and on your new nephew!!

    Good luck with your new business idea!

  3. Congratulations dear on your six month anniversary. Did I see a hint about a new addition???

  4. @Rob and Amy plus 2- many thanks!!! Yes i agree being married is pure bliss :)

    @mrs xbox wife- yes I came back :)

    @abbie- thanks said womanhood not motherhood o...hehehe...not yet dia..;)
    Still rooting for u alll the way!!!

  5. Congrats on ur aniversary swerry
    i wish u n oga many happy/fulfilled years togeda AMEN

    BTW thanx for making my birthday fun.

  6. Thank you Jesus.

    Joys of womanhood????? 10k u Jesus.

  7. Nice one. I am happy to be a woman too. My 1yr wedding anniversary comes up this Sat. Halleluyah!!!

  8. thankful for seeing me through ma exams o...

    I wana get braces too!

  9. @lg- thanks dia...:)

    @oluwadee- yes o Thank u Jesus

    @standtall- wow..yippeee!! so what do u and hubby have planned???

    @chari- yes ke. if u really need it then pls go ahead and get them..nobody is too old to get braces...u might just wear it for longer! so the earlier you start the better ;)

  10. Congrats on your six month anniversary...emi a se pupo e! And also on the new nephew!
    Lol @ abbie's suggestion..

    God's ways are beyond ours! He knows best!

  11. i'm thankful I can thank God with you for His goodness in your life.

  12. @writefreak- thanks o...and yes God knows best!!!!

    @uzezi- long time girl...and thank u for joining me in thanking God :)

  13. We dont really have any plans for now. I will be working on that day. Tht's 2mrw but we will spend time togehter in the evening. Thanks

  14. What a lovely idea. Congratulations on your anniversary. This is a good way to remember God's grace in our lives.

  15. hapi anniv, its so good to count ur blesns, gues i shld start doin dat nd stop focusn on tns that rnt goin so well

  16. Aloted,

    You must forgive me for not visiting your blog and commenting like i promised. I barely have just time to make my posts and its very difficult for me to make blog rounds when I am offshore or even reply my emails. Thanks so much for referencing me on your Ten things Tuesday.. it was really nice meeting you too. My next visit is fast approaching... I will be sure to call you once I'm in town. Congrats on your 6mth wedding anniversary. I am stll reeling.. just like when you told me you was married! Lol..

    Stay safe and I love your teeth!



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