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15 Apr 2012

Oprah's lifeclass The Tour

I wasn't really a follower of the Oprah Winfrey's show when it was on but I watched a few episodes here and there.  The first time I heard about Oprah's Lifeclass was from Good Nigerian Girl during one of our conversations online. Then she blogged about the classes here and then the Tour which she is attending LIVE in Toronto (well done girl!). I decided to check it out as one of my goals for 2012 is to invest my time in things that will edify me all round- body, spirit and soul. Anyway I have watched two episodes so far and all I can say is WOWOWOWOW!!! Some mind blowing deep stuff, I mean this is not just some fluffy stuff but practical ways of dealing with life issues.

The first episode I watched was the one with Tony Robbins Living Fearlessly. I  am a fan of Tony Robbins (by the way I wonder why he uses Tony now instead of Anthony..I prefer He is such an amazing inspirational speaker. He shares some powerful stuff on how to embrace your fear and change the story you tell yourself. Amongst his many books he is well known for his international bestselling book- Awaken the giant within.

I then watched the one with Bishop T.D Jakes- Living with Purpose. This one was just on another level. I was totally blessed by this episode. In fact I recommend you watch this one if you have time to watch just one episode. Two things the Bishop said that stood out for me (which I also tweeted about) were:

The "Yes Yes Yes, was from Tony Robbins- so I was mixing and matching

I have realised that there are some things I want to do which I either don't do or end up doing "conventionally" because of what friends or family or people I don't even know would say..but Nooo! all that is changing now. By God's grace I am stepping out! I do not need ANYONE's validation. All I need is God's permission.

From both classes I got one key message - My purpose has to be greater than me and cannot benefit just me but people around me. When I look beyond myself & my need and reach out to help other people I can do fearless amazing things.

I enjoyed the classes so much I am going to look for the ones she ran last year.  I encourage you to look for those videos (maybe starting from the two above) and watch. I know not everyone is a fan of Oprah (I am indifferent about her) but please don't let that hold you back from watching the videos...the guest speakers she brings to the show is what does it for me and the message of TRUTH they pass on.

God bless!


  1. Gosh babe, this was soooooo goood. I watched to one with T.D jakes with my room mate like i told you on twitter and it was so inspiring... brought a tear to my eye too.

    God bless you so much for sharing

  2. Hmmm, going to check them out...

  3. Hurray! So glad you're a convert to the messages of the Lifeclass Tour speakers. The two episodes you mentioned are my favourite ones too; I'll be watching them over and over again. I'm hoping that Tony Robbins and Bishop TD Jakes will talk to us and inspire us tomorrow!

  4. I am also not a fan of Oprah...but I've been planning to check out the Lifeclass cos of GNG's several mentions on her blog.

    Going to check them out...

    Living on purpose...very important

  5. I will certainly check them out. I remember GNG blogging about the classes.

  6. Checking them out right now, sounds like a must watch


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