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8 Feb 2012

Waiting on God...

I have been meaning to blog about this particular topic for a while now but when I got the opportunity to be a guest blogger at the latest blogsville mum's blog- Chichi of From Now Till I Do I thought it would be an apt post to do there.

Thank you Chichi for having me. :)

Here's an excerpt-

Some time ago, I was in the midst of a group of ladies and the conversation steered towards waiting and how hard it is to wait for anything.

Someone now asked the question- “which is easier- to wait on God for a husband or a baby?” A single lady in the group quickly shouted “Oh it is definitely harder to wait for a husband than a baby; at least a married woman has one out of the two- a husband, while singles have neither”. One married woman shook her head and said “hmm I think it is harder waiting for a baby, at least there are plenty single men around and you can easily pick one to marry, but when you don’t have a baby everyone especially your in-laws start staring at you wondering why you don’t have a child”. Another single person chipped in- “well you can adopt a baby not a husband or do IVF”. The argument kept going back at forth with everyone trying to defend their corner as they deemed fit. I sat there listening, not contributing, considering I have a husband and a daughter and didn’t think my opinion mattered anyway....

Please head over to Chichi's blog to read the full post. Cheers.


  1. Read the whole post. Very useful for me

  2. Thanks for sharing with my readers!

  3. I'm going over to hers to read the full story

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  5. Slllyyy... you've aroused my curiosity, heading there right now

  6. Thanks for linking me up with the blog on waiting. I have a testimony on my blog on how I was almost overwhelmed with worry after waiting on God.
    has more details

    1. God is great!!! He always comes through for his children.

  7. It was a great read, Aloted babe...thanks for it!

  8. Great read Aloted...Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Hmmm, this sounds pretty intwesting! Heading off to Chichi's right away.

  10. this is a thought provoking question!

  11. I read the whole post, and what a beautifully divine post it was indeed. It really helped me in the way i think and look at things. Thanks you for this wonderful post.

  12. Thought provoking and inspiring. I'm taking all the points and running with them esp 1,4 and 5. Thanks for sharing. Now following ur blog.

  13. Can I read this blog? It says access denied, I am very interested.


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