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19 Jan 2012

Managing my time

I won’t necessarily call myself a procrastinator, but nowadays I have been procrastinating on doing things I need to do more often than not. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed that I have a lot on my plate but then I end up spending my time on unimportant things. So this is a call to action. I need to:

·      Curb time stealer activities such as: 
§  Watching TV bye bye judge judy
§  Facebook/twitter - actually I am not as frequent on Facebook & twitter as I used to be but still doesn’t hurt to reduce my time on these social sites even further.
§  Sleep- now this one is going to be the hardest because I love my sleep!!! Guys, any tips on how to get out of bed early? I was thinking about going to bed earlier but psychologically I see it as “yay more time in bed”. Sigh. I need help seriously
§  Blackberry chatting- apart from normal chatting, I am active on three BB groups. Go figure.

·      To help me actually do stuff I need to do I will-
§  Keep doing a to do list- outline what I need to do daily in order of priority and DO THEM.
§  Firm up my routine, and stick to it.
§  Eliminate distractions - switch phone off, switch internet off except it is needed for the work I need to do
§  Set reminders on my phone - I normally do this, just need to continue
§  Do one some task then reward myself with some play time e.g. browse online aimlessly, bb chatting or maybe TV
§  Remind my self that I don’t have to catch every ball thrown at me.
§  Delegate where I can- to Baale, my help, princess and friends.

How do you manage your time? I would love to know, maybe I can learn a thing or two and add to my list! :)

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  1. I use a To-do list. I dont think I can do without it. This is because I am a go-getter and I just keep moving and moving till I set out all the tasks I have set for myself

  2. Okeoghene0020/1/12 4:53 am

    I use a To-do list/ day planner. * i just love to tick off*I plan my days to the hour and I try to be disciplined. I also do a short examination at lunch time to check if i am keeping with the list. I also think you shouldnt generally just cut off those things you love to do, reducing the time you spend doing them might work for a start

  3. A To do list is a MUST. I will be lost without one .

    You send like u are self motivator. Nice one!

  4. I also love ticking completed activities off.

    Yes o e plan is to reduce them non essential activities gradually till they die a natural death.

    Thanks for stopping by

  5. Mon to Friday I am fine,weekends is what I can't account for! The days go by too quickly. Guess I need a to-do list too

  6. I need all these tips and more! I set reminders on my phone all the time but then I just ignore them...not productive at all! I want to join the productive people oooo...2012 cannot be like 2011 and years past with regard to getting things done!

    1. Yes o GNG we shall join the list of productive people tis year!!!! :)

  7. Ah! I see we have the same issues, the internet, my phone, sleep and TV are stuff i hate to love. I keep telling myself i need to organize myself more but keepl shoving the thought aside cos i know that i'm super faithful to to-do lists and so writing one will mean behaving myself.

    Prayer also fits in, i think prayer fits into everything. If it's important to you then you should definately pray about it and God will see to it that you manage your time the way you need to. :*

  8. I also had to call myself to order recently. I found that to do lists really help.

  9. Inspirational stuff. I have been a victim of procrastination virtually all my life and I'm still struggling with it. Sometimes, I almost find myself believing the battle lies not in the hands of the victim but it takes the grace of God to overcome the spirit of procrastination.

    1. It definitely takes the grace of God...and the spirit of determination.

      Welcome back on blogsville :)

  10. Good stuff you got there, just keep going at it. All the very best!

  11. Thanks ma'am. People, THE GEEBEE CHRONICLES is back. Hope to see you there. Catch up on the last episodes.

  12. Very helpful article indeed, thanks for sharing your ways of dealing with procrastination, I'm sure it'll help all those who are suffering from it when they read this article. I'm sure everyone have procrastinated in their lives but some people do it more than others. As for me, I don't really have a specific method to deal with it, I just focus on all the things that can go wrong if I don't do what I'm supposed to do, and that gets me up and going. Plus I also reward myself after completing a particularly difficult task.

  13. Procrastination o! I've been wondering if something was wrong with me 'cos sometimes, i waste so much time doing unimportant stuff and wait a few hours to deadline to get into it. Of course, the pressure isnt good for my body(&soul) so i'm going to get these tips and work with them.

    Get thee behind me you lovely sleep *snif*, the internet *sobs*, my phone *snif* and TV *wails*


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