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16 Dec 2011

Not feeling Christmassy....

9 days till Christmas! Yet, I am not feeling “Christmassy” AT ALL- whatever that means. My colleagues at work keep asking "so have you done your Christmas Shopping?" Chris-tmas what?? Ya! Another means for them shops to get my hard earn currency right?

I was going to get a Christmas tree and some decorations but thought Princess will not let this Christmas tree rest, so that idea went down the drain. I'mma still get some decorations.

I was going to get a Christmas Chicken/Turkey to roast for the family on Christmas day, but I have never roasted a whole bird before in my life. What if it comes out a mess. Ok calm down-I could look up recipes- google is my friend and it can’t be that bad! A Question for cook experts!! – So Christmas day is on Sunday; do I leave the bird in the oven while we go to church? Or start roasting when I get back?? This is all assuming I buy the bird in the first place!!! Phew

I was going to do some Charity stuff this Christmas, all in the spirit of giving, but still haven't gotten round to that. Shame on me! Ok I still have 9 more days. Make a plan girl.

We were going to meet up with friends at their place on Boxing Day but due to circumstances beyond their control, that is not happening any more. Gutted! I was so looking forward to that.

Oh well!

Even though I am not feeling Christmassy…I am thankful for the gift of Christ, who in fact is the reason for the season. I am forever thankful HE was born to save me.

Christmassy feeling or not- I will make sure to have a wonderful Christmas day with Baale and Princess :)

So anyone out there like me not feeling Christmassy?

What are y'all doing this Christmas?


  1. well, if it helps i am not feeling christmasey either. can't even help with the roast, so i'l just wish you merry xmas in advance and implore everyone to not forget Jesus! the reason for the season

  2. Wow....xmas is my best time of d yr... I start looking fwd to xmas frm october tune in to christmassy mode jor! But some decorations up!see if dere r some carol service coming up ard u.merry xmas to u n urs

  3. Don't worry, believe you would soon get into the Christmas mood! :)
    As for me o, I am feeling very "Christmassy". I am really looking forward to my short vacation! :)

    Merry Christmas!

  4. I hope you have gotten the christmas feeling now. As for me, I think Christmas is a day to just remember the birth of Christ, which unfortunately, has been greatly bastardized all over the world

  5. ahhh... my dear you're not alone on almost everything! Count me out of any meal that has to go into the oven, i cannot bake to save my life :(
    Christmas? hm! this is my first christmas alone in no man's land and the roommie i'm close to is traveling for christmas plus i can't travel cos almost everyone is traveling and bla bla bla so i'm probably going to have a dry christmas. BUT i love the season! Everything gets me teary eyed, from carols to salvation army people out in the cold and just random stuff

    I looooove Christmas and I'm glad when "we" remember it's about Jesus and not just the gifts and snow and all that jumping around. I pray you have a wonderful christmas and learn to cook a bird :p

  6. Thot it was just me, not feeling christmassy so much this year too. Whether we feel like it or not, the important thing is that we appreciate the reason for the season (Christ) and the fact that He came. Pls invite me for christmas dinner oooo

  7. thanks dearie..yes o! Jesus is the reason for the season

  8. Lucky you! Wish i could go on vacation as well. sigh! Enjoy o!

  9. I so agree.. Christmas has been commercialised all over the world. No one even remembers the true meaning of Christmas

  10. Awww...sorry to hear you'll be spending Christmas alone...but I am sure you will create some fun for yourself..

    Thanks girl..will let you know how the bird cooking goes. Bought it

  11. SO I am not the only
    I am also looking for someone to invite me for Christmas dinner..actually tired of eating the food I cook. Sigh

  12. David C Brown22/12/11 7:27 pm

    Well, 25th December if the Lord's day - and that's the best day every week!

  13. "Even though I am not feeling Christmassy…I am thankful for the gift of Christ, who in fact is the reason for the season. I am forever thankful HE was born to save me. "...
    That's exactly how I feel. I no feel Christmas hype. I guess the feeling comes with growing up. I think back to the days when my cousins and I replied my Uncles singing as we drove to see the Grannies on Christmas day. He'll go"'my belle o" and our response: "my head o"...all in anticipation of all the food, drinks and presents. It's fun being a child.


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