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21 May 2011

Re letter to Nigerian Parents and #wePray275

Hi People! Hope you are all doing well? Thank you all for your comments on my last post i.e. the article “A letter to Nigerian parents”. Unfortunately I do not know the author so couldn’t get her to respond but I thought I could share my own views. People made a lot of valid points in the comments so will try not to say much.

Someone mentioned to me the writer should have titled the letter- "A letter to Affluent Nigerian Parents" and then maybe her article will be completely justified. I tend to agree. I don’t think all the examples she provided are valid or would resonate with a large group of Nigerian parents but I agree with the underlying message she was trying to pass across.

As parents we are accountable for how we raise our kids.
I read in a book by Dr Robert Anthony- “the greatest gift any parent can give their children is to help them to become self confident by making them self-reliant. Children should be given as much responsibility as they can handle at any age level. Only through independence will they learn the joy and privilege and human dignity of standing on their own two feet”. This I think is one of the points the writer was trying to make. “Overpowering, over permissive or over possessive parents are usually the ones who can turn their child into an emotional cripple.”
There are so many examples one can give but I will go back to my first point. We are accountable for how we raise our kids. The bible tells me if I bring up my child in the way of the Lord he/she will not depart from it. This doesn’t only mean spiritually but mentally, emotionally. Teach them with love and encouragement on how to move from a state of dependency to a state of self reliance. This would help their confidence as they grow up. So by God’s grace I am doing my part and I am holding God to his words to do his part. My children will turn out just right.

Ok moving on to other things, is it me or have you all noticed that there has been a tremendous number of young people dying recently. I started noticing it last year and this year the number has grown exponentially. Almost every week, I hear of a young person’s death. Personally I have lost two friends, I know friends that have lost friends, siblings or partners. This is not right!!! It is not our portion to die young so why is this happening?? I don’t know but I know I can pray about it, stand on and declare God’s word that this would stop. To this effect, a fast as being declared on May 27th, Children’s day to pray against the spirit of untimely death. I got to know about this through someone who lost his cousin recently. I would like to invite you to please join in the fasting and prayer on that day. Let us stand as one and pray this untimely death away. If you can’t fast for whatever reason you can still join us in praying on that day. God says he will hear us if we repent and call on his name. Please spread the word. Pray for yourself, your family, husband, wife, children, partners, siblings and every young person. PRAY as the spirit leads! Prayer is the only way I know so I will PRAY.

Please if you feel led too, you can blog about this to so others can join the fast/prayer. I noticed that Zoe Believer tagged this on twitter as #wepray275. So for those twitter gurus, do your thing- tweet about it with the tag. Who knows it just might trend!

Thanks and God bless.


  1. Let the prayers begin!#wepray275

  2. I pray the Lord gives me wisdom in raising my children right when the time comes.

    May the Lord hear our prayers and stop the young from dying

  3. ive noticed tooo....we need to pray

  4. Yes o, prayers are needed.

  5. I believe in prayers. Let's all fast and pray! #wepray275

  6. Good one, Aloted!

    Many young people dying recently...
    Would join the May 27 prayers

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  8. "Train up the child according to the tenor of his way, and when he is old he will not depart from it", Proverbs 22: 6. Every child is different and has to be brought up - in [the] discipline and admonition of [the] Lord - according to the tenor of their own ways. But once you've brought up five you still don't where to begin!


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