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7 Feb 2011

Blog Award

Finally got round to doing this. I was presented the Versatile and Stylish award by Dee and @ilola

I really appreciate this and I am sorry for not acknowledging all this while. Forgive me pls!

The Rules are as followings:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
2. Tell us 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 other bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and let them know that they have won.

I shall obey rule 1 and 2. Thank you Dee and @ilola!!!

Rule 3 and 4- hmm I can't think of 15 specific bloggers to give this award too so I shall award it to all bloggers who read this post. You are all stylish and versatile in your own way. :)


1) I hate going shopping. Unlike a lot of people that find it therapeutic I find it tiring and draining. I'll rather shop online. Yes its so bad I do even my grocery shopping online. And no I don't miss out on window shopping. I browse a store online, add the things I like to my shopping basket, checkout to see the cost and promptly close the page. I find that therapeutic!

2) I have a love/hate relationship with my/our car. When I know I have to drive somewhere I freak out and start mapping the routes in my head as I fear the road will eat me up or I'll miss my way. But once I get behind the wheel and start blasting my music I am totally fine and don't want the driving to end.

3) I dislike people encroaching in my personal space esp when sitting on the train/tube. Most men I sit beside are guilty of this-putting their leg in your space. Ewww! Maybe the seats are too small for them, who knows. For that reason if I had a choice, I'll rather sit beside a lady who is also trying to manage her space.

4) I have only fixed fake nails twice in my life- first time was for writefreak's wedding because I was her CBM and I thought ok "Aloted make an effort". Second time was for my wedding. On both occasions I got rid of the nails the following week. They looked beautiful but I found them to heavy to carry and couldn't get on with my regular activities. I hear ladies get used to it after some time but I don't think I want to get used to that.

5) I like playing sudoku on my phone but I am still on the EASY stage. Tried the MEDIUM stage once and got stuck. *Shameful*

6) Generally I relate well with people around me but I have consciously chosen to have very few close friends because it takes a lot of emotional energy to invest in friendships and its intricacies. Marriage on its own is demanding enuff. Don't get me wrong o I love my friends and being married but I know how much effort I would put in each relationship so I'll rather go quality than quantity.

7) I have had natural hair for over 2 years now and I am still learning about maintaining it and different styles to wear my hair.


  1. You don't like shopping ke?! Hmmm! I wish I can say that for myself :).

    Hugs and kisses to Princess!

  2. You have had natural hair? My goodness...i would never have guessed.

    How are you doing?

  3. woooowww, we have so much in common, I hate shopping, I have had natural hair for 3 years, I have never fixed my nails and I know writefreak personally. Shes family, lol. Wonderful coincidence

  4. woooowww, we have so much in common, I hate shopping, I have had natural hair for 3 years, I have never fixed my nails and I know writefreak personally. Shes family, lol. Wonderful coincidence

  5. I so feel u on the shopping bit, I also don't fancy fixing my nails either, my friends say its cos my natural nails are luvly and healthy on their own...well, mayb they're right

  6. You have natural hair and you are Nigerian? Exciting. I hope I can interview you for my blog sometime.

    By the Way, I am with you on No. 1.

  7. Lol @ the fake nails. You just described me.

  8. NICE!
    Oh Lawd...I was tagged but i still haven't gotten round to putting up the post!
    Now that's very shameful!:D
    insghtful post into Aloted's mind!hehehehe

  9. lol its interesting knowing more about you. I don't like strangers being on my personal space too. Pls just move away lol.

  10. Interesting tid bits, I also find it a chore shopping and do it as little as possible. Few friends - check, not used to fixing nails - check, my nails are OK on an average day.

    How are you and family? Happy Vals in advance.

  11. You are the only other person who I have come acrossnwho loathed shopping as much as I do, I love online shopping. I used to shop for groceries online when I lived abroad. It costs more going out in the shops. Dammit!!!!

  12. Very interesting list....all like you.
    I love Sudoku too, and not yet an expert.
    On number 4, I feel you, I have my issues too about the 'fake nails" I have had it twice too in my life, but recently, I've been considering learning to get used to it.

    On the shopping, I can relate with that. Although for me I'm usually excited at the beginning of any shopping, but it tires me, I do not remember anytime I went shopping and it did not wear me out.

    How're you doing? family and the SWAP community?

  13. Its really intersting knowing about you. its great that you have natural hairs.


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