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26 Jan 2007

To all Nigerians in Nigeria

This is a clarion call to all Nigerians, actually to all 18 year olds and above that read my blog to please register to vote.

Ok I know the INEC registration process isn't actually the best in town but that is not an excuse for not registering. If we want to make a change in this country, if we want to get rid of all these old pot bellied men from ruling our country we have to take charge. If we don't, we can't take Nigeria back, Nigeria belongs to the youth, Nigeria belongs to us. I hear a lot of Nigerians say they are passionate about Nigeria, well this is a chance to truly show this by registering to vote and actually voting. By 2011, I strongly believe the youth will finally take over from all these babas with archaic mindsets. (I dont mean to be rude in anyway but it is the truth)

Thankfully, the government have been magnanimous enough to give Federal Govt workers (that does not inculde me, sadly) a day off on Monday the 29th January 2007, to go register. I think that's the last date actually so please get going!!!

As for those of you abroad..I guess this doesn't apply to you. E ku igbadun (I think that means keep enjoying;))

Ok got to rush off now- so overlook all my grammatical errors

Have a nice weekend!

N.B- Oh yes, I have registered already, that is why I am bold enough to ask you to go


  1. Hey Detola, you're lucky to have registered. I finally did ... after spending a whole day trying to but achieving nothing. The registration is supposed to be a means to an end ... hopefully not a "rigged" end. Nigeria has a great future (AMEN)

  2. It's good to see that people like you are still interested in registering to vote, even though cynics believe that there will be the usual rigging.

    If people are this interested in participating even though things are hard, imagine how things will be if things were good? Or I don't know - perhaps it is because things are hard that people are participating. :)

    Anyway, I hope that you are not alone, and that the millions of young Nigerians are joining you in registering to vote. I hope this means better leaders (or at least, less unacceptable leaders) for 2007.

    PS - Take it easy on us old babas o!

  3. rememeber to turn up on election day though. y'all rememeber its no public holiday.


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