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9 Nov 2006

Naija and plane crashes

Nawa for all these plane crashes in Naija. It's so scary- flying is not safe, travelling by road is even worse cuz there are no good roads! Forget rail and sea, doesnt exist in Naija! Wat is Naija turning into? It has taken me over a week now to write about it in my blog because I am still in shock. Only last year I was travelling every two weeks from Lagos to Abuja (work related) and I didn't think twice about jumping on a plane. Now I have to do like 5 days prayer and fasting to know if it pleases the Lord to travel by air.

I dunno much about the aviation industry but even a little child can tell that we have serious issues in Naija, not only with the aviation industry but with every other industry in the country and it all starts with our leaders. We need invigorating leaders in the country, all these old and archaic people should do and clear the way for younger men and women with new ideas. If the leaders we have now were the leaders around when my grandparents were still alive, when will my parents generation become leaders, when will people in my generation become leaders (confused yet??). Maybe never at this rate.

God help us o cuz you are the only one that can. Personally I don tire for this country.


  1. I fear for my dear country, nice piece you have miss.

  2. Hello one post per week is not good enough o.

  3. Ok o Omodudu! LOL...e no easy with work taking all my time and stuff..but i will try my best to update my blog more often.


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