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Have you made the most important decision of your life? Where will you spend Eternity? To make heaven is as simple as ABC- Accept you are a sinner, Believe that Jesus died for your sin and Confess HE is Lord.

19 Jun 2006

Dealing with disappointments

Last week came and went by swiftly, yet in retrospect I really did not achieve much except for maybe the letter of complaint I managed to write to my bank for terminating my credit card. It was one of those weeks where I did not feel like doing any work. Basically I just faffed around- played online games , chatted and watched online videos despite the fact that I had so much to do. Am so lagging behind in my project, but I just could not be bothered! I tried to do some research but boy I couldn't get into the flow at all. It was a really bad week.

It might not be the best method but I have noticed that I sometimes deal with disappointments by getting into a "lazy" mood. Am like what's the point anyway? Why am I stressing myself?? Really what happened was that I got rejected by two companies I applied to and I didn't realise it hit me so hard till I saw the week go by just like that. In my head I knew that God was working everything out for my good but in my heart I just couldn't "move on" to do other things. It was like a pity party only I wasn't wailing but I practically wasted a whole week loafing!

During the week, I woke up one morning panicking and asked God "Ok what next?!, Lord you know I need a job before I finish school, I need to be sure of what the plan is, don't keep me in the dark here!!!" After about an hour of having dreadful thoughts I decided to have my quiet time and the scripture for that day (I use "Our Daily Bread" for my daily devotion) was from Matthew 6:25-34. The first verse (vs 25) actually hit the nail on the head - "So I tell you, don't worry about everyday life whether you have enough food, drink, clothes. Doesn't life consist of more than food and clothing?". At that moment, it was like I could hear God telling me "You worry too much, my child". In the same scripture, Jesus was also talking about the birds that do not need to plant or harvest but they always have food to eat. Yet, I am more valuable to Him than the birds!

Reading on, I realised I needed to seek God's face and make His work my primary concern instead of worrying. He said in His word that if I seek first His Kingdom He will add every other blessing to me. I still don't have a job , neither do I know what the plan is but I do know that the plan is GOOD and all I have to do is trust and seek HIM.

By the way I feel much better now and I intend to get back to work but then again I know I have to take some practical steps on my "lazy" mood swings. I can't afford to be wasting days and weeks any time I get disappointed! First step is to admit that I have an issue- done! Second step is to get suggestions, comments or advice from y'all on how to effectively deal with disappointments. I look forward to hearing from you :)



  1. Oluwatosin28/6/06 4:33 pm

    I am inspired by your words. Getting to discover the inner strenght God has given to us and His ability to overcome difficult situations for us whatever the case may be is more than consoling to the heart. Reading your testimony reminds me of how I need to deal with unpleasant lifes' situations as a Christian should. s Christ himslef dealt with the issue of taking up the cross, through Golgotha, Facing the cross, been nailed to it and being resurrected a victor after it all. Thanks for been a great challenge through your testimony.
    Be Blessed!

  2. Dear, pain or disappointmeent is a part of God's allowed plan unto progress. All humans are distributed into three broad categories: those who are in trouble, those who are just coming out of trouble and those on their way into trouble. Interestingly, each of these is a step potentially leading towards progress but seldom seen in this light. What we tend to see first and foremost is the defeat and the failure and the shame and the ridicule and the pain and the trouble. More times than less we even begin to see such events as a direct or indirect consequence of one sin we commited before that event. Pain has existed ever before sin was ever commited. God told Eve He would INCREASE her labour pain after they sinned. He didn't say He would put pain there. He was only going to increase what was already there [before they sinned].
    Every birth brings with it a 'labour pain'. And I think that what you're going through now is a phase of birth. PLEASE enjoy...oops...did I just say 'enjoy'? O yes! Enjoy it whilst it lasts and ensure that when it's most 'painful' is when you do the 'pushing'. Cause this is the time when the 'baby' tends to come closer to birth.
    Thanks for being yourself and being real. This is rear in today's christian community. God rewards this attribute.


  3. The story you shared here caught my attention the most. I got your email about the NTA commercials of the 1980s and noticed at the bottom of your email, your blod address.

    I have just faced a similar disappointment myself. Although I was informed about the situation (job offer as well) much earlier, I am only just getting the feedback as to why I was not offered. The "excuses" made has weakened my ability to get on with other things that I have decided to sit in the dark and do nothing for tonight at least. Ofcourse I have to pick up the pieces and move on. Tomorrow is another day.

    Soon as I saw "disappointments" on your blog, I knew I could share my situation with someone.

    As the Bible says "say ye to the righteous, and it shall be well with him".


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