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26 Jul 2013

Some GREAT and NOT SO Great News!

Wow! It seems like forever since I have been here. Gosh! I have missed you guys...Thanks to those who checked up on me. I really appreciate it.

So much has been happening....ok really its just TWO Major things:

1. We have a new addition to the Aloted/Baale family. A cute little adorable boy :) He is just 2 weeks so you can imagine that life has been busy and continues to be busy. Bionic is so excited and is always kissing her baby bro.

During my pregnancy I lost interest in blogging like I did when I was pregnant with Bionic, which was part of the reason I took a break from this blog.

2.  When I got my energy back I focused it all on my other website Super Working Mum (SWM) hence the reason why I haven't been here. I am so excited about this initiative and to crown it all I am planning an event for working mums residing in London. All the juicy info is here. If you are in London and a mum then you NEED to be at this event.

Here are 8 reasons WHY you should come :).

So now to some not so good news. I don't think I will be blogging here per se anymore, mainly because I am not sure what direction to take this and I don't want to blog aimlessly. I always aim for value.

Since I am more on SWM now and I still want to stay connected, I would love you to follow me on Super Working Mum here:

facebook group for working mums:

I know not all of you my readers are working mums but I promise most of the content can be applicable to anyone. I would still want to interact with each and everyone of you.

I love this blog loads- I have been blogging here since 2006! So I won't be pulling this blog off and maybe if I get some inspiration will blog here but it won't be frequent. I still plan to revive the soulsistas blog. I just need to get my acts together.

Thanks all for being a part of my journey...i hope to see you on the other side...

God bless!

11 Apr 2013

My birthday is today! Plus my Campaign

How are you all doing??? Thank you for all your emails, direct messages on twitter etc, bbms after I wrote my last melodramatic post. I honestly wasn't expecting anyone to be bothered about my issues but I was truly touched. Thank you all. You know yourselves :)

Things are looking up and I must say I have been working on the Super Working Mum website. So do check it out when you can.

Soooooo it's my birthday today!!!! Woo hoo. I am extremely grateful to God for his goodness in my life. 2013 started on shaking grounds but I am confident that everything is working out for my good.

So I said I would blog in March about something but I never got round to it. However today is just the perfect day for it. I have been thinking about this since my last birthday and I am excited to share this cause with you.

I turn a year older and I'm actually wiser. I learned that 800 million people on this planet still don't have access to clean drinking water, and I'm doing something about it. 


This year, I'm giving up my birthday for charity: water
Instead of you my dear friends and followers giving me presents, or writing on my Facebook wall, please donate $33 for my 33rd birthday, and help me bring clean water to people in need. 

Of course you can donate any amount you like, that is the most important thing and I will be extremely grateful.

Go to my campaign for more details on why I am doing this and to donate:
What's really cool is that 100% of the money we raise will directly fund water project costs in the field, and charity: water will prove every single dollar

When the project we help fund is complete, they'll send us a digital completion report with GPS coordinates and photos of the community we helped. Here's an example
I can't think of a better way to celebrate my birthday than by giving the gift of clean water to people in need. 
Please join me to make my goal a reality.
Thank you for your support! 
P.S. Read this story from charity: water to learn how clean water changes lives.

28 Feb 2013

It's Official....

I am on a break from blogging & writing and I honestly dunno when I will be back.

I was hoping I won't have to write an "on a break" post, I was hoping I would get my acts together soon but sadly that hasn't happened.

source: google images

So much is happening in my life right now I can't even begin to explain. I am totally uninspired and barely holding it together if not for God's grace.

I won't bored you but if you could please say a word of prayer for me for God's strength and divine intervention, I'll appreciate that.

I wish I could give a time frame for when I'll resume blogging but right now I can't. Most likely I'll be back briefly sometime in March as there's something important I would love for you all to be a part of.

I haven't forgotten about the prayer is on the top of the list when I resume.

A few things while I am gone
  1. So apart from this blog, I won't be blogging on the soulsistas blog and super working mum as well. 
  2. We are still accepting guests blogs on the soulsistas blog and also on super working mum. So please use the contact page to reach me if you'll like to guest blog. 
  3. If you are a working mum or mum to be you can find me and other superworking mums discussing work, family and anything in between on facebook. Please feel free to join us here
  4. I still read my favorite blogs from time to time and also leave comments when I can. 
  5. I am also sometimes on can follow me here.

I'll miss you all.

See you soon xxx

15 Jan 2013

Belated New Year Greetings / Quick Note

OK so its 15 days into 2013 and I haven't even said happy new year. Where are my manners?? Happy new year guys!!!! God was faithful in 2012 and he remains ever faithful. I pray 2013 brings in lots of goodies into your life. Trials will come but if you know and trust the one who knows tomorrow then you have nothing to fear.

I can't remember the last time I did new year resolutions...I am more inclined to be more goal and purpose oriented. By setting targets for myself I am more motivated to work on my goals.

One thing I desire to be this year is a blessing to others..I want to be God's channel of blessing and not think of just me me me. It won't be easy or convenient I know, but by God's grace I can do all things.

I am thinking we should do the prayer challenge we did last year July. It was totally refreshing and rewarding, ya?? Let me know if you are in and I'll set the ball rolling. Or maybe I should say- if I get at least three people who are interested I'll definitely set it up.

God bless you guys

20 Nov 2012

On Santa and Christmas

Thank you to everyone who voted for my blog and the soulsistas blog in the Nigerian blog awards. We won we won we won…. Yay!!!! God bless you all! My excitement knows no bounds :)

So I have a dilemma…or I am a bit confused about an issue. Maybe you can help me.

source: google images
A little background, growing up my mum used to take us to see Santa who is commonly known as Father Christmas in Nigeria. We went a few Christmas till my mum got a “rev” that Santa wasn't biblical. So no more Father Christmas for us. By that time I was already bored with the ruler, eraser, biro and exercise book we got every year from Father Christmas anyway so I didn't think much of it.

We also put up a Christmas tree and Christmas decorations every year. It was always fun hanging Christmas decorations and lights as a family. In between it all, including the rice and chicken we ate on Christmas day my mum instilled in us the true meaning of Christmas.

Now fast forward to present day, Bionic’s godfather took her to go see Santa when she was 1 year old. I didn't think anything about it. She had fun and took a picture with Santa. Last year for some reason I felt uneasy in my spirit about the whole Santa thing, who knows maybe I was getting a rev like my mum. Anyway she didn't get to see Santa.

Now this year, the talk of going to see Santa is back and so is the uneasiness. I really can’t place it. 

I make it a conscious effort not to get religious about things but at the same time I can see how easy it is for Santa to replace Jesus Christ in the Christmas story.

Bionic is three now and more aware of Christmas especially in terms of decorations and lights and what have you. I want Bionic to know that:
  • Whether she is well behaved or naughty Jesus still loves her
  • Christmas is about Jesus coming to the world to save us from sin
  • Christmas like any other time is the time to show love to others
  • Christmas is not about collecting presents but sharing
  • Christmas is so not about SANTA but JESUS

Sugarspring wrote in her last post- "The fact that people replace Santa with Jesus on Christmas day and forget the real representation of what that day symbolizes doesn’t mean it is OKAY". I totally agree with her. Her post partially inspired my question.

It's bad enough that Christmas has been commercialized.

Ok so what do you think…? What are your thoughts on Santa? Parents, are your children going to see santa? What Christmas values are you instilling in your children? 

Uncles and Aunties would love to hear from you too. I would love to learn from y'all.

One more thing what do you think about writing or saying Merry X-mas instead of Merry Christ-mas. Where did X come from sef?